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Google Nexus Tablet:

Google Nexus Tablet By: Brittani Halbert , Lindsay Fox, Drayvon Fairley 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 1

What is the Google Nexus?:

What is the Google Nexus? Google’s first ever tablet An affordable Android slate Similar to the Apple iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 2


Asus A Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company Partnered with Google to create the Nexus tablet Rumored to be the manufacturer and took the designs from its own MeMo 370T for the Google Nexus 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 3


Design Device type: tablet Operating system: Android 4.1which is run by Google Operating System follows after the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Also known as Android 4.1 Jellybean This is the first time the operating system is being used 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 4


Hardware Tegra 3 processing chip About 1GB of RAM Built in camera/video camera Geotagging , video calling enabled. 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 5


Display 7 inches corner to corner 1280x768 resolution Touchscreen Capacitive, multi-touch, proximity sensor. 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 6


Runs on Andriod (4.1) Smaller, likely more light weight. Offers more phone like features (ringtones, MMS, SMS, ect .) Google Nexus Tablet Apple iPad Fight! Runs on iOS (5.1) Bigger display - higher resolution Offers more media features (supported formats, speakers, ect .) 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 7

Google Vs. Amazon:

Newer operating system Higher resolution More memory Allows Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Scratch resistant screen No camera Allows on Wi-Fi connectivity Google Vs. Amazon Google Nexus Tablet Kindle Fire 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 8


Features Can be used as a phone Built in YouTube uploading Front-facing camera 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 9

Video :

Video 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 10

Public Opinion:

Public Opinion “I can't see anyone honestly using an almost fully grown tablet as a regular phone” 7" is too small for movies and games This will cause Android to manufacture a $200 Tab. That’s gold Runs on a quad-core for $200… Cant wait 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 11

Pricing and Release date:

Pricing and Release date Google suggests that the tablet will be released later this month Price ranges between $150 and $250 6/18/2012 Halbert, Fox, Fairley 12