Brand protection by registering a trademark in Australia


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Looking to file a trademark infringement ? This is something tricky area. You will need a trademark consultants help to identify infringing element and copyright infringement to sue. Trademark attorneys at can help you to maintain vigilance over the marketplace to check if someone is trying to infringe your trademark. For more details visit : Shelston ip Level 21, 60 Margaret Street SYDNEY NSW , 2000 (02) 9777 1111


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Trademark Registration; An important step in consolidating your Business :

Trademark R egistration; An important step in consolidating your B usiness

What is a trademark? :

What is a trademark? It is the identity of your business. It differentiates your brand and business from those of others. It protects the uniqueness of your brand from infringement.

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Among the four IP streams, the Australian government has reported an increase in the demand for trademarks in 2015 which is likely to surge even more in the future. It is the best time to enhance your brand identity by working with a reputable trademark firm in A ustralia .

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As your precious marketing tool, a trademark can be any of these or a combination of: Letter Word Phrase Logo Number Picture Sound Smell Shape

How can you register trademark? :

How can you register trademark? Apply by filing a trademark application through an experienced IP consulting firm.

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It is valid for a period of 10 years. It is renewable once every 10 years with a fee. How long is your trademark valid?

Points to remember before filing for a trademark: :

Points to remember before filing for a trademark: Check if your business is applicable for a trademark. Go through the trademark database to check if the chosen trademark is available. Hire the right consultant who can guide you through the process.

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