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COURSE PROJECT Brandon Pruchnik [email protected] 3/8/15 Fitness Lifestyle Design

My Project:

My Project For my project, I chose to do curl ups and pull ups. I did them 3 – 4 times a week. I did them at home with my mother monitoring me.

Engagement Activities:

Engagement Activities I did the following activities because I wanted to strengthen my arms and upper body. Pull ups Curl ups I worked on this 3 – 4 times a week with my mother throughout this course.


Sportsmanship Sportsmanship involves following the rules, playing fair, and respect. You must respect your opponents and team mates as well as the referees and umpires. Always treat others as you want to be treated. An example of good sportsmanship is shaking the hand of your opponent whether you win or lose or helping your opponent up if they fall down. An example of poor sportsmanship would be taunting your opponents or loudly celebrating a win in front of them. Calling your opponent bad names is also poor sportsmanship.  In addition to working out at home, I also used the gym at school. I always tried to help encourage others. I never laughed when someone struggled. I created a rule that I must work out each time at the same time of day and 3 days a week. I took this picture of my step-brother playing hockey last month. Each team shakes the other’s hand at the end of the game. They help each other on and off the ice. I do not have a picture of me because I did not participate in a team sport.

Sports in Other Cultures:

Sports in Other Cultures Other countries perform pull ups and curl ups the same as we do. In general they use the same technique of reps and sets using a pull up bar. I did find minor differences in competitive training. U.S. – The following terms are used: reps, sets, rest intervals, tempo, exercise selection, number of exercises, rate of change of exercises, exercise order and training frequency. Russia – The following terms are used: volume of load, intensity of load, number of repetitions per set, rest intervals, speed of lifting, regimes of muscular activity, number of exercises per training session and training zones. In Russia, this type of training is normally for competition and not for fitness. I found it interesting when I read about the difference in intensity for Russian competitive training, I could not fin much information on curl ups and pull ups in other countries.

In-School Resources:

In-School Resources Pull ups and Curl ups are available to the weight lifting team members in my school I am allowed to use the weight room during office hours and lunch. My school has a weightlifting team. I have to wait until I weigh enough to join.

Community Resource:

Community Resource Training in pull ups and curl ups is available at the local gym and the YMCA. There are 5K races and fitness trails in my community. There are also 2 gyms.

Proof of Participation:

Proof of Participation Me doing my curl ups Verification I do not have a team schedule. I did this at home with my mother. I worked out 3 times a week.

Thoughts and Reflections:

Thoughts and Reflections 1. I think it was important because it made me reflect on what I learned. 2. I hope to participate in weightlifting. 3. I learned that I was stronger than I thought. 4. I became stronger and gained muscles in my arms and abs. 5. I would recommend pull ups and curl ups to my friends. 6. I enjoyed this course and it gave me more confidence in myself.

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