Digital Voting With The Use Of Blockchain Technology


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We provided a blockchain voting platform and blockchain voting solution, Our team of experts builds blockchain voting system to solve today voting problems.


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Digital Voting With The Use Of Blockchain Technology

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INTRODUCTION ● Blockchain technology boasts all kinds of ability to bring positive changes globally. ● We can see that day by day blockchain technology is being employed in financial banking and health care services. ● However the department where blockchain can be used with full potential is voting. ● Let’s see how digital voting with the use of blockchain technology is different from the current system.

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WHY BLOCKCHAIN IN DIGITAL VOTING ● After the recent election results there has been a spread of fake news about system rigging. ● Many believe that the existing system of voting through electronic ballot boxes is susceptible to defilement and because of this it became evident to everyone that something needs to change. ● This is where the blockchain tech enters the hall. Through digital voting with the use of blockchain technology we can trust the election results and expose a corrupt system.

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BLOCKCHAIN FOR VOTING- TRANSPARENCY IS ASSURED ● The first and foremost advantage of employing Blockchain in Voting Systems is the heightened level of transparency the blockchain provides. ● Blockchain for sure would deter evil characters from deceiving the system. ● Also no individual can vote twice since an immutable record of their vote and identity will be recorded. ● Another benefit is that the records casted votes can’t be deleted or modified. ● After the counting is done the directors auditors or any officials can check the final record of every vote counted at any given time.

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INSTANT RESULTS ● Besides the results stored are immutable and transparent they are readily available. ● This proves conducting elections on the blockchain is safer and efficient. Comparing our current election system with this new idea we can conclude that our existing system is blunt and insecure. ● It takes weeks or even months to count the votes and sometimes the results are disorganized due to manual or machine error resulting in the extension of the counting process. ● Just take a moment to imagine how will it be if we know the election results immediately.

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BLOCKCHAIN HELPS TO VERIFY INFORMATION ● There are a lot of processes involved in an election process in addition to the tallying of votes say circulation and discussion of information and news. ● And that’s the part where the voting system is most vulnerable. Many active users on social media platforms post pictures and articles regarding an individual’s or a party’s activities.

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● Readers in most cases are in a confused state whether to believe in the post or not. Blockchain allows us to check which news sources are reputable and trustworthy. ● The articles or news posted can also be liked or disliked in consonance with whether the users can confirm the content is correct.

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PROS OF BLOCKCHAIN IN DIGITAL VOTING ● There are a lot of advantages for digital voting with the use of blockchain technology and a few are listed below. ★ The data recorded is both immutable and verifiable. ★ The results can be encoded resulting in increased transparency. ★ Privacy in addition to safety and accuracy.

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CONCLUSIÓN ● From this article it is clear that the technology to improvise the voting mechanism is already here. The one thing to be done is implement properly. ● Blockchain Firm is an expert in that. ● We render accurate and convenient Blockchain in Voting services that are tamper-proof transparent private and affordable.

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