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It’s the age of Home Automation System It is incredible how fast businesses are adapting to the latest technological advancements in their operations. Not just organizations but even individuals on a personal level thrive on technology nowadays. Business Process Automation is a new term and it has resulted in the shift of certain tasks to complete automated services. Smart Home Automation and Smart Home Gadgets adds value to our lifestyles and work. In our house we tend to invest in automation services for our comfort security and better luxurious experiences. While at workplaces it is used for a completely different purpose in addition to these purposes. Automation services can result in achieving manifold results in the form of objectives like: ● Improved efficiency: Automation leads to better performance in an organisation. It reduces the chance to err as these systems are programmed with technological tools that make the chance to make mistakes to nil. ● Reduce costs: Automation services used in businesses can help in reducing costs incurred at various stages of such activities otherwise completed by

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human beings. When these tasks are done by humans it generally leads to huge costs which are reduced through automation. ● Security: Data gets stored in these systems which helps us in avoiding the process of storing our data in paper form which is less secure and easy to lose. Automation systems help in securing our data from the stage of its storage to its use. ● Ease of access: When tasks are automated the data stored in these systems can be accessed easily at any point in the future. This reduces the labour put in manually to access data otherwise stored in hard copies. ● Better customer service: Business process Best Home Automation System in Gurgaon leads to a better service to customers which is the end goal of any organisation. By providing faster and more efficient results it helps in keeping the clients happy. For instance an automated shipment tracker would enable a business to track any faults and delays thus reducing the number of errors in the shipping process. One of the best automation providers in India is Lightomated. It is a company based out of Delhi that caters to the needs of individuals households organisations and even institutions when it comes to automation services. Their services are broadly divided into two categories ● Residential Commercial The residential services are focused on the automation needs in the houses. The three aforementioned purposes are the basic requirements of households when it comes to Crestron Home Automation Delhi NCR services. Lightomated caters to their needs by providing solutions to their comfort security and luxury requirements. Lightomated brings together automation tools and applications in the forms of hardware and software to give a solution to the automation needs of customers. When it comes to its commercial services Lightomated provides elegant control systems like Home Security System to produce a fully automated system for commercial places like businesses institutes and even hospitality sectors. They create a combination of software and hardware for these sectors to create a sustainable and smart experience through better installations at conference rooms classrooms auditoriums and even retail stores. Lightomated provides customised solutions to individual problems of businesses and households.

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