When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?


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When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?:

When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home ?


Whether you are moving because it’s time to upgrade, you’ve been transferred for work or you can’t afford your mortgage anymore, one of the first questions that will come to mind is when is the best time to sell your home? Just throwing your home up on the market whenever you feel the urge isn’t going to get you the highest price. The following guidelines will help steer you in the right direction when it’s time to sell. Introduction

It’s a Spring Thing:

According to Time.com, spring is the ideal time to sell your home because that’s when the most people are looking to buy. With more people out there looking, you may be more likely to get full price or even higher for your home. Of course, as realtor.com points out, along with the higher volume of buyers comes a higher volume of homes on the market. If everyone feels that the spring is the ideal time, then all those buyers will have an awful lot to choose from in the spring. It’s a Spring Thing

What Does the Market Say?:

If you choose to listen to the market to make your decision, you’ll have to wait for a time when the experts proclaim it is a ‘sellers’ market before you put that sign on your front lawn. As Forbes.com explains, seasonal trends in real estate can be changed and upset by the economy. Economic fluctuations can make traditionally slow times a lot faster, and vice versa. What Does the Market Say?

Are You Flexible?:

Flexibility is always a great asset in real estate because if you’re selling and you are able to wait and sell at any time of the year, you can wait until there are fewer homes for sale and more buyers looking. Someone that is in a hurry to sell is at the mercy of the markets and occasionally ends up getting less than they could have at a different time. Are You Flexible?

Helpful Tips:

Here are some helpful tips to help you generate interest and get the best possible price no matter what time of year you decide to sell. Do your homework regarding pricing. Find out what comparable houses in your area are selling for, so you can price yours accordingly. Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips:

Take the time and expense to stage your home properly, making sure all areas are spotless during showings, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Have any carpets cleaned professionally and put a fresh coat of paint in the main areas to liven it up. Remove as much unnecessary clutter as you can, to give the impression of more space. Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips:

Get out on the street and take a look at your own home to help you maximize the ‘curb appeal’ of the property. If you must sell during off-peak season, Forbes suggests keeping your sidewalks and driveway free of snow and even playing up the holiday decorations if it’s close to Christmas. Time.com says that pricing your home with zeros on the end of the price will result in lower selling prices. Apparently, people perceive an exact price as being lower, even if it isn’t. Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips:

At the end of the day, you can find advice and stats and logic about why it’s best to sell in spring or summer or wait until next year or any number of things. If you really want to sell your home, speak to your real estate agent and come up with a plan to sell it when you want to sell it. Whenever you decide to sell, there will either be lots of buyers or fewer homes for sale, so you can take a positive outlook no matter what. Helpful Tips

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