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To be the Absolute Leader in providing end-to-end Consulting and Outsourcing services to Financial Markets sector using Strong domain expertise, Thought leadership, a very high-quality global team, and tools that enhance speed to market. HEADSTRONG Vision

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The Manila Global Delivery Center (MGDC) delivers value by providing consulting and outsourcing solutions that help improve the business performance of clients in Headstrong’s select markets. HEADSTRONG Mission of MGDC

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HEADSTRONG Mission and Vision Changes every year This is to make the vision more realistic Mission changes based on demand

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Core Values

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HEADSTRONG Beliefs Effective communication Research-based facts for quality improvement Horizontal and Vertical lines to improve communication, and help build strong teams

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Headstrong Services

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HEADSTRONG Consulting We provide advisory services to help companies analyze and improve business operations and strategies. Our consultants have wide domain knowledge and deep expertise in the disciplines of strategy, assessment, collaboration, change management and process redesign.

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HEADSTRONG Outsourcing Is subcontracting a process, such as product design or manufacturing, to a third-party company. With our multiple, cost-effective offshore locations in India and the Philippines, you benefit from versatility, dependability and the right skills without the risks associated with a single-country offshore facility. Even outsourcing providers outsource -- to stay competitive and agile in the face of mounting market complexities. Stay focused on what you do best, leave the rest to Headstrong. It is essentially a division of labor.

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HEADSTRONG Product Development Services An end-to-end solution, from visualizing, architecting and developing the product to releasing and deploying it at end-customer sites. As each company faces product development challenges that are unique to its age, size and scale of operations, we tune our operations to match the needs of your enterprise, big or small.

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HEADSTRONG Locations Sunnyvale, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Washington, London, Frankfurt, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila

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HEADSTRONG Accreditation ISO-9001:2000 IMS Certified CMMi Level 3 PMAP AMCHAM DAG (Delivery Assurance Group) Accreditation of company for quality improvement

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HEADSTRONG Capability Maturity Model Integration

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HEADSTRONG History Founded in 1981 as James Martin Associates by Dr. James Martin In 1990, the organization was renamed James Martin & Company and, in 2000, it became known as Headstrong. Our decades-long leadership in process management tools and methods is openly available to the project management community through our wholly-owned subsidiary, In 1982, we published the first methodology to translate business needs into system solutions – Information Engineering Methodology (IEM). Other Headstrong innovations include the integration of rules and Object Oriented methods, the first hypertext methodology, and the value stream approach.

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We possess the technological competence and global, full-service delivery excellence that can sharpen your competitive edge. Headstrong demonstrates a keen understanding of the business challenges facing our clients, and skillfully leverages technology as an enabler to address those tough challenges. Our deep domain expertise both onshore and offshore means flexibility in tailoring powerful solutions. When our clients demand excellence, Headstrong delivers across three key industries: Other Headstrong innovations include the integration of rules and Object Oriented methods, the first hypertext methodology, and the value stream approach. HEADSTRONG

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Demand-dictated: demand first. Conservative. Referrals, Career networking, walk-ins Selection: demand, job description Job fairs, job portals, job street. Recruitment is separated from HR. Lay-offs are for project-based HEADSTRONG

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HEADSTRONG Human Resource Compensation and Benefits. Health cards. HR handles Contracts and Legal Issues. If with problems, team leader then HR Associate training, 7 levels

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HEADSTRONG Budget 30-40% growth annually Annual budget proposal Cost-containment Example: Job-fair selection Strategized budgets Conservative Finance Department Budget proposals of managers

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HEADSTRONG Subsidiary A wholly owned subsidiary of Headstrong and headquartered in Washington, DC. is the premier online community and resource for Information Technology (IT) Project Managers. Developed by project managers for project managers. Helps members become more successful by offering resources, subject matter experts, deliverables, access to the process library, a PMBOK-integrated Project Management Process, and connections to peers.

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Headstrong's Executive Leadership Team is spearheaded by a talented group of business and technology savvy leaders. Our Board of Directors includes leaders from around the world. Founder Dr. James Martin serves as Chairman Emeritus and keeps Headstrong focused on its roots and original ideals. The Board provides the structure and governance that drive outstanding service and world-class deliverables to exceed customer's expectations and increase stakeholder value. HEADSTRONG Partners

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Our strategic partners are global companies with the experience and strength to service even the largest business organizations in the world. We align with these partners in multiple countries and collaborate across multiple vertical industries. IBM Intel Microsoft Oracle  Sun Microsystems HEADSTRONG Strategic Partners

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Our collaborative partners are companies with whom we work on a regionalized basis or in an industry-specific segment. They possess proven technologies that provide niche or complimentary solutions to our customers. Aleri Business Objects Gallagher Financial Systems Geac (Extensity) Informatica Netezza Pitney Bowes Business Insight (Group 1) Portellus Sterling Commerce HEADSTRONG Collaborative Partners

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