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Our cPanel license and WHM Sonic License allows you to manage every aspect of your server's web hosting needs through two easy to use interfaces. Order now at: http://licensecube.com/


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C Panel LICENCE cube:

C Panel LICENCE cube cPanel and WHM software makes life simpler for the website owners it serves. With cPanel license you get easy-to-use tools to perform daily tasks quickly, and easily. Watch the video, or try out our cPanel demo. Mobile Accessibility Web Developer Friendly Powerful Reseller Tools Optimized to use less resources One-Click version upgrades http://www.licensecube.com/


Reliability cPanel uses a self-monitoring system. If it detects a service has failed, it will automatically attempt to restart the service to get it back online. Also, it will notify you via Email, IM or Text Message of problems that could affect your cPanel server's reliability. With cPanel you can always stay on top of things even when you are away. http://www.licensecube.com/

Cutting edge:

Cutting edge cPanel can automatically upgrade itself and all your server's software. Doing this automatically allows you to stay on top of the latest security fixes, and software improvements. Additionally, with cPanel license you can add support for new technologies in a few mouse clicks. http://www.licensecube.com/

Billing Integration:

Billing Integration cPanel is integrated into every major billing system currently for sale, so there are no complicated integrations needed. However, if you have a custom billing system that you'd like to integrate cPanel with, the process is quite straight forward. http://www.licensecube.com/

Streamlined Controls:

Streamlined Controls With cPanel license, you're in the driving seat. You choose what versions of Apache, and PHP run on your server, and what applications handle services such as Email, and other functionality. Additionally, you can disable any feature of cPanel for a specific user using the WHM. http://www.licensecube.com/

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Contact us License Cube 9962 Brook Rd #611 Glen Allen, VA 23059 United States of America http://www.licensecube.com/ Get in contact with a specific department, by email them at: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] We want to work with every customer to answer their questions as quickly as possible. Please feel free to give us a call at (855) 465-4236 if you have questions. OUR OFFICE EMAIL US CALL US

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Thank you http://www.licensecube.com/

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