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Ecosystems :

Ecosystems By Lindsey Massaro 4th Grade Science Ages 9-10 years old

Before we start...:

Before we start... K now W ant to know L earned

Important Vocabulary:

Important Vocabulary Vocabulary Word Definition 1. ecosystem a community that includes all living and nonliving things found in a certain area 2. predator animal that hunts other animals for food 3. prey animal that is hunted for food 4. consumer organism that get energy by eating other organisms 5. producer organism that use the Sun's energy to make their own food 6. omnivore animal that eat both plants and other animals 7. carnivore animal that only eat other animals 8. herbivore animal that only eat plants 9. decomposer organism that gets energy by breaking down nutrients in dead organisms 10. habitat physical space used by a group of organisms

Important Vocabulary:

Important Vocabulary Vocabulary Word Definition 11. niche the role each organism has in the ecosystem 12. population group of organisms living in the same place at the same time 13. community made up of all different kinds of populations living in the same area 14. food web A diagram of several connected food chains 15. food chain a series of organisms through which energy is passed 16. adaption when animals go through changes that make them fit in better with the environment around them 17. organism are all living things 18. biotic includes all the living things in an ecosystem 19. abiotic includes all the non-living things in an ecosystem 20. scavenger eat the dead flesh of animals

Examples of Ecosystems:

Examples of Ecosystems Desert Tundra Ocean Forest Tropical Rain Forest Grassland


Characteristics Ecosystem Characteristics Desert driest ecosystem Tundra cold, dry some grass no trees Ocean contain variety of organisms

Characteristics :

Characteristics Ecosystem Characteristics Forest filled with trees and animals more rain than grasslands Tropical Rain Forest rains all year many different animals Grassland covered with tall grasses medium amount of rain

What are food chains?:

What are food chains? A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. Click here for more information...

What are food webs?:

What are food webs? A food web consists of all the food chains in a single ecosystem. Click here to play a game

Let’s wrap it up!:

Let’s wrap it up! Click here to listen to the ecosystems’ song

Citations for Pictures:

Citations for Pictures Ocean Ecosystem picture- cover slide “What do I know?” picture- slide 2 “Learning Vocabulary” picture - slide 3 khoaanh.or g “Word” picture - slide 4 Lion cub picture - slide 5 Snake picture - slide 6 Wolf picture - slide 6 Dolphin picture - slide 6 Parrot picture - slide 7 Frog picture - slide 7 Zebra picture - slide 7 Food chain picture - slide 8 Food web picture - slide 9 “I Spy an Ecosystem” picture - slide 10

Citations for Information:

Citations for Information Vocabulary - slide 3 & 4 Characteristics of Ecosystems - slide 6 & 7 Food chain game - slide 8 Food web game - slide 9 Ecosystems song - slide 10

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