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My Favorite Movie IS IF ONLY:

My Favorite Movie IS IF ONLY IS IF ONLY English Level 4 Leydi Rondon. c.i. 15560475

Get the poster of the movie and the traile:

Get the poster of the movie and the traile

Get the facts fact of the movie  :

Get the facts fact of the movie Director: Gil Junger Release Date: 2004 Genre (key words), Is romantic film that will make you reflect on your actions or things we do every day and ignore.

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Cast (the main actors and actresses, short description of the character in the movie)..... Gil Junger (Ten Things I Hate About, The Black Knight) directs this romantic tale of past misunderstandings and opportunities taken to the extreme. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt (I Know What You Did Last Summer)-who wrote the two songs he performs in the movie, "Paul Nicholls (Bridget Jones: The Edge) and Tom Wilkinson (The Governess, Batman Begins)," An unexpected day "shows the importance of not hiding feelings, be honest with yourself and knowthe wrongs when there is in between a love story.

 Fun stuff :

Fun stuff sinopsi....... Samantha studied violin in one of the most important music schools in London. Impulsive and unconventional, is very much in love with her English boyfriend, Ian, a young executive focused and sensible. When approaching the end of the stay of Sam in the British capital she tries to commit and that Ian will be some time apart, but he did not know how to express your feelings and, moreover, his work is completely absorbed. Ian does not listen to Sam until he realizes he could lose it forever thanks to a premonitory dream, which tries to avoid at all costs to become reality.

Review of the movie: :

Review of the movie: If only in not only stars but also produces and writes and performs two songs she sings in the film. The story is about a couple who argue bitterly before she has a fatal accident. The feeling of guilt and remorse that Paul Nicholls has made a "fanciful" second chance, and thus able to rebuild all or nearly all, of the wake.

What's the message in the movie? :

What's the message in the movie? If only he would have said what he really felt. If only he could relive his last day with her and put things in order.

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