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Let’s Connect Coworking spaces accurately consider the new work standards upheld by Millennials. Networking, partnership building, and knowledge sharing make the new code of conduct, moving behind “old world” norms like exclusion, elitism, and secrecy.


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W h y Ch o o s e U s L E T ’ S C O N N E C T I S A N E C O - S Y S T E M - C O W O R K I N G S PA C E I N N O I D A Lets Connect Coworking Spaces are built for those who aspire to work on their own freedom and have the passion in their work to lead a balanced lifestyle altogether. These Spaces are flexible scalable equipped with latest IT Technologies and quite affordable for individuals as well as expert teams to have the highest work performance from the first day onwards. We believe in offering our platform as a place to nurture best minds and provide them with a premium experience for startups to begin their journey in competitive markets. These Shared Workspaces have become hugely successful with New age Indian professionals who have taken this concept to another level. A complete office like environment filled with artistic crafted spaces experts from multiple fields coming together forming communities and being part of this experience will enthrall you to achieve newer heights in respective fields. Entrepreneurs who are looking to try their newer business ideas with minimum financial backing can start their dream in our creative spaces for leading the next generation of future leaders. MORE THAN JUST OFFICE SPACE BOOK YOUR SEAT  

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Sp a ce fo r Te a ms o f All Size s  READ MORE ABOUT PRICING EARL Y BIRD 20 DISCOUNT AVAILABLE. HURRY UP M O R E T H A N J U S T A N O F F I C E S P A C E - W E A R E A C R E A T I V E P L A C E T O N U R T U R E Y O U R T A L E N T F O R B E T T E R P E R F O R M A N C E Private Oces Held Meeting With Your Business Clients With Complete Office Arrangements And Privacy Explore Oce Solutions Shared Workspace Multiple Professionals Working Under The Same Platform For A Highly Collaborative Learning Approach Explore Oce Solutions Event Space Organize Showcase Your Own Brand Products And Services To All Involved Explore Oce Solutions

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s e rvice s MEETING ROOM BOOKINGS  Rent and Hire your own space with freedom to work at a preferred time and arrangements MAILBOX SERVICE/ VIRTUAL OFFICE  Get your all important documents delivered to your personal name and address with ease EVENT SPACE BOOKINGS  Promote Your product Services and share the right information to gain newer leads for your business

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W h e re Co mp a n y Be co me s Co mmu n ity With Lets Connect you get part of a multi-diverse eco-system in which professionals from different backgrounds and fields come together to share their experiences working style management and form communities for leading the next generation of India. Mentors Entrepreneurs Investors and Indian Startup owners must show the capabilities to take forward the current skills and experience to be among the best in the whole world. Lets Connect with its premium offices in major cities across India is solely dedicated to offering these coworking spaces to maximize their opportunities in every aspect. K N O W M O R E A B O U T U S

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H e a r wh a t o u r re gu la r me mb e rs th in k a b o u t L e t’s Co n n e ct Sp a ce s A Space To Expand Your Horizon Lets Connect is dedicated to offering these creative spaces to professionals who can work with freedom higher proficiency and lay down better opportunities for their respective future. Our Team will always be there to coordinate with you in every possible scenario. K N O W M O R E A B O U T T E A M Sagar Narang Mr.Sagar Narang is the Founder of one of the Upcoming Co-working space in the NCR region – Lets Connect. Lets connect was Started by Sagar in the year 2017 while he was enrolled as a full time MBA Student in O.P Jindal Global University. Prior to Lets Connect Sagar was actively involved in managing the day to day activities of his family ventures.

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  These private cabins are a complete luxury in itself for working in highly comfort zone Freelancer Pratiksha Singh   I attended a digital marketing conference in lets connect Im very impressed to see the arrangements and very nice and fully furnished office. And they also provide a 247 Recreational Services to refresh your mind CA Parminder Singh Prime location of the space and all facilities available in affordable cost .I will recommend

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  to my entrepreneurs friends. Finance Manager Parveen Jha   I Found these shared workspaces to be quite intuitive to match my working style for higher performance. ECONOMY Ankit Chawla

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Try co wo rkin g s p a ce a t a n y o f o u r De lh i N CR lo ca tio n s Delhi

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Noida Sector 59

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Noida Sector 4

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Noida Sector 136 co n ta ct u s About Us Let’s Connect is an eco-system that we have created with the new way of working in which people from diverse backgrounds experiences can work under one roof.  Address: D-41 Noida Rd D Block Sector 59 Noida Uttar Pradesh 201301  Mobile:

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