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Share Your Office:       On the Share Your Office blog we share tips resources and insights for freelancers digital  nomads coworking space operators and more. Our goal is to provide interesting relevant  content for people running coworking spaces as well as those looking to join or work from a  shared workspace​ . ​Deskmag: Deskmag has its finger on the pulse of the international coworking scene. The folks who  publish Deskmag are behind the Global Coworking Survey and they consistently share  invaluable insights into the industry from a variety of perspectives.

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Allwork.space: As the shared workspace industry continues to grow at a staggering rate it can be                               challenging to keep up with everything. If you want to stay in-the-know about everything                             from managing a small coworking space to industry changes trends forecasts and everything                           in-between coworking blogs are the way to go. Here are 11 of our favourite coworking blogs                                 to follow in 2018.  Emergent Research: Emergent Research is a research and consulting firm focused on small businesses. For years                             the Emergent Research team including partner and workspace industry thought-leader                     Steve King has forecast the growth and evolution of coworking. The Emergent Research                           blog offers sharp insights into the gig economy the freelance and remote workforce the                             evolution of shared workspace small business trends changes in commercial real estate and                           more.    2

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