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10 Effective Ways to use Social Media in the Classroom BY: Leslie Lane

10. Professional Development:

10. Professional Development People feed information from all over the world which provides a very diverse range of information Not limited by resources, knowledge or experience available in one place

9. Community Outreach:

9. Community Outreach Promote Activities Encourage Community Involvement Connect with Parents

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8. Course Assignments 7. Parent Communication Some teachers use to create a private social network for their students Teachers can post & create online assignments for both students and parents Keep parents involved and updated

6. Distance Learning :

6. Distance Learning a field of education that focuses on teaching methods and technology with the aim of teaching to students who are not physically present in a traditional classroom

5. Assessments :

5. Assessments Use to do a end-of-unit review Allows students to learn from one another

4. Cross-cultural communication and language learning:

4. Cross-cultural communication and language learning Communicate with students in classrooms from all over the world

3. Collaborative Learning:

3. Collaborative Learning Educators are using social media that use filters for inappropriate subjects & video, like Teaches students how to use social media in a responsible manner Teachers and students can exchange assignments without printing.

2. Networking with Colleagues:

2. Networking with Colleagues A tool for colleagues to get to know each other in a professional manner Networking through social media could open doors to leaders in your field

1. Integrating real-world applications into teaching.:

1. Integrating real-world applications into teaching. Research real-life examples from those with direct experience of trial and error Teaches students how to use social media to improve their job opportunities

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