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Today most popular supplier in coffee vending machine and and tea machine supply in major cities coffee vending machine in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida. For more details visit-


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Tea/Coffee Vending Machine:

Tea/Coffee Vending Machine

Tea/Coffee Vending Machine:

Tea/Coffee Vending Machine The easy and user-friendly controls allow you to enjoy coffee drinks like cappuccino,espresso, latte and ! Each hot cup of coffee is made from the best hand-picked and specially send up from Coffee Day's very own superior plantations. Coffee Day also offers a variety of other tasty liquor like Teas, Soups, Hot Chocolate, Badam and Badam-Pista drinks with its vending machine.

Why Do We Need Coffee Vending Machine:

Why Do We Need Coffee Vending Machine There’s no need to wait for that perfect brew. In only 40 seconds, these vending machines can: ● Actually grind whole coffee beans ● Extract espresso ● Froth the milk ● Dispose of spent grinds

Features of coffee Vending machine:

Features of coffee Vending machine ● Micro-processor controlled and programmable digital controls for six per-programmed beverages. ● Height adjustable coffee dispenser to fit all sizes of cups. Continuous dispensing function. ● Flow meter to ensure consistency in the dispensed volume. Metallic brewing unit for the best espresso extraction. ● Advanced vertical boiler for improved thermal consistency. Steam wand to heat beverages.

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