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Explore Various Career Opportunities in the Legal Field The delivery of legal services is a complex process which needs a team of skilled professionals for offering quality service. Most people believe that we just need lawyers but in fact there is an entire team that works on any case. Thus legal field in Singapore offers a diverse range of jobs for people looking for a career in the legal field. You can get in touch with a recruitment agency as they are the best people to help you in finding legal jobs in Singapore. Here’s a look at the job options that you can pursue: 1. Lawyer The lawyer as we all know represents cases in the court. They either arrange for negotiation between the parties or take the way of litigation. The failure or success of the law firm is on the shoulders of lawyers. 2. Paralegals The paralegals serve as the lawyer’s right hand and look after several legal responsibilities so that the lawyer can focus on more important issues such as appear in the court or give legal advice to clients. 3. Legal secretary The legal secretary is like an administrative assistant who has lesser administrative responsibilities than a paralegal. Drafting letter and legal correspondence comes in job responsibilities of a legal secretary. 4. Compliance jobs There are several compliance jobs in Singapore where the compliance employee implements and oversees corporate compliance with applicable laws and policies. The position may also need you to train employees in compliance procedures. 5. Legal recruiter This profile does not need you to work in a law firm as the legal recruiter is in the profession of providing potential employees to their clients in the law field. These employees can be lawyers or paralegals. 6. Litigation Support Professional This job needs an individual who is both technical savvy and familiar with the ins and outs of the law field. They work with software and applications for managing case data that is crucial to litigation. 7. Document coder This is one of the basic profiles when it comes to legal jobs in Singapore where the job is mostly that of data entry. The coder has to maintain a system for identifying and accessing various documents in a case file. It is an entry level position.

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Explore the web for more information and suggestion on choosing the compliance jobs in Singapore that offer good career growth.

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