2nd Quarter 2016 Inland Empire Industrial CRE


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2nd Quarter 2016 Inland Empire Industrial CRE


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2nd Quarter 2016: Inland Empire Industrial Real Estate Market Trends Data has been released for Q2 2016 for the industrial real estate market in the Inland Empire area of California and the figures are astounding. Current real estate trends in this area continue to outperform other industrial areas throughout California and the country. Demand for space in this area continues to grow and vacancy rates have dropped 20 points from the first quarter to 4.9 percent. This is an astounding figure for any industrial real estate area. In addition to the high demand for leased space rents have continued to increase in this area at the same time. A new announcement by Amazon and QVC is driving demand for commercial real estate space in this area as well. Both of these major retailers are building warehouses in excess of one million square feet each in the Inland Empire. Access to the ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach has made this area a desirable spot for retailers of all sizes looking for commercial warehouse space. Commercial Real Estate Sales Increasing Steadily If the leasing figures for industrial real estate in the Inland area were not astounding enough current real estate trends for sales in this area are phenomenal. Second quarter figures show that sales volume increased 30.5 percent over the prior quarter and over 27 percent over the prior year. Over 6.5 million square feet was sold during this quarter. These current real estate trends are anticipated to continue in the Inland area as more retailers convert to online sales and seek warehouse and distribution centers for their businesses instead of brick and mortar store fronts. New data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce this year shows that this type of commercial real estate activity is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The Department of Commerce is anticipating a large portion of retailers to convert to online only sales driving commercial real estate properties to increase in demand. Industrial Warehouse Investment Outlook Commercial space in the Greater Los Angeles area has become very expensive and businesses are looking for newer larger and more affordable commercial properties outside of the main area but still close enough to transportation. The Inland Empire continues to meet this need for businesses and will do so

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for the foreseeable future. These current real estate trends for the Inland Empire will continue to impress investors and business owners as more warehouse facilities and industrial real estate become available in the future.

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