Fat Removal Without Surgery

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LED Photo Therapies:

LED Photo Therapies Fat Removal Without Surgery

About US:

About US Our red light phototherapy wrap is the first home-use treatment of it's kind with red-light phototherapy in 635nm waves - the same wavelengths used for fat loss in popular med-spa and weight loss clinics, but in a portable belt you can use from the comfort of your home.

Chronic Pain & Arthritis:

Chronic Pain & Arthritis Arthritis is a crippling ailment which many people are suffering from worldwide. About 25% of the US population. While there are a number of different FDA approved drugs for arthritis, red light therapy is cropping up more and more, becoming a real alternative for pain relief! 

Bone Regrowth:

Bone Regrowth The body is naturally designed and made to be able to build newer bones when the need arises. Studies on animals and humans have shown that red and infrared light therapy greatly aids in healing breaks, fractures and bone defects.

Contact US:

Contact US Business Name LED Photo Therapies Business URL https://www.ledphototherapies.com/ Address Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RedLightPhototherapy/

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