What is Ringless Voicemail?


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RINGLESS VOICEMAIL A service by LeadsRain

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Introduction ● RVM is a non-intrusive technology that lets you drop voicemail messages directly into the recipient’s voicemail box without their phones ringing ● Everyday more and more customers are communicating with businesses through their smartphones ● Such a case makes this technology a perfect example of getting the message across through a medium that reaches them directly .

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● It provides consumers with a flexibility to listen to the voicemails at their own convenience without any disturbance. ● They will only see a notification that says “you have a new voicemail” without ringing their phones.

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Working of RVM ● Ringless Voicemail works by allowing a server to insert a voicemail directly into the carrier’s voicemail server . ● This means that recipients will not receive a call but a voicemail notification.

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Why choose Ringless Voicemail ● It allows consumers to escape from unnecessary interruptions ● Recipients only listen to the message when they feel free to do so ● Pre-recorded messages are dropped straight to customers’ voicemail box without ringing their phones ● You are charged only for the messages that get delivered ● 100 TCPA CRTC and FCC Compliant

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Ways to use RVM ● Alerts and Announcements- Send alerts to employees or community members about emergencies that might affect them ● Promotions and Discounts- Market current leads and discounts to your customers with personalized voice messages ● Reorders and Collections- You can remove the need for a live agent when processing customer re-orders and payments due.

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● Reminders and Confirmations- Send reminders for upcoming appointments confirmations of orders and deliveries with voice notifications ● Recalls- Keep your customers informed about relevant product recalls

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