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Life Christian Coaching for Christian and Church leaders


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Personal Development For Spiritual Efficacy In Life Ministry Pastor Oyewole O. Sarumi Pastoral Leadership Academy Lagos

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Opening Scripture: Pro.4:18 • “But the path of the uncompromisingly just and righteous is like the light of dawn that shines more and more brighter and clearer until it reaches its full strength and glory in the perfect day to be prepared.” AMP. • “The road the righteous travel is like the sunrise getting brighter and brighter until daylight has come.” TEV • “But the path of the just is like the shining sun That shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.” NKJV

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Simple Interpretation I • The pathway of those who are careful prudent in this life keeps increasing as they progress through life stages until they reach their peak where their value becomes a sought after. • The lifestyle of GOOD people is like sun at dawn that keeps shining brighter and brighter until broad daylight.

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Simple Interpretation II • Don’t just wait do your part in this miracle • Be good at what you do • You will fall down in this life just GET up and keep going. • Are you struggling It is a process keep GOING on and on • Keep close to a mentor to challenge you.

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The rare person church gets somewhere on purpose. Everyone gets somewhere in life…

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Lesson of Life… • The critical lesson that excellence in life means that we have: • The discipline.. • The focus ….... …To lead with a Purpose. • The vision……...

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Introduction • Most people thought that Self-Development teaching was self- centered instead of Christ centered. • Aren’t Christians supposed to be Christ Centered

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Aircraft Take off Info • Have you taken a trip somewhere in an aircraft and you watched the demonstration that shows you what to do when the oxygen mask comes down what do you notice You are told: “Fix your OWN mask FIRST then attend to your children.”

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Get Your Life Secured • In the same way you need to get your OWN life SECURED and on track to reach your highest potential and then you will be better equipped to support the lives of others.

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• Secondly the key issue is our heart motives. Whatever you do in life you can do with one of three main motives: • Self-centered - your only interest would be to create value for yourself. • Others-centered - your genuine focus is to bring value to the lives of others. • God-centered - your motive for what you do is to please God and very often this is combined with being “others- centered”.

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• Everything has to do with your heart motive. A truly wholesome plan of self-development training followed with the motive of being your best for God and for others can only enhance your Christ centered life.

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Importance of Christian Personal Development • To renew your mind. Remember what Paul commanded us to do in Romans 12:2.

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• To learn to walk in the abundant life that Christ purchased for you. This means you learn to walk in faith which is the biggest thing you can do to please God – Hebrews 11:1.

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• To learn to add value to the lives of others around you and with whom you come in contact every day. This responds to the second commandment in Mark 12:31.

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• To learn to live a disciplined life. A disciplined life becomes a successful life. The first command that Jesus spoke as recorded in the Gospels was: “Follow Me”.

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• To learn to war against the negative influences of this world. The enemy has given himself the task of destroying this world using every negative influence he can throw into this world.

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NOTE: • A daily program of personal development will help you to train yourself to be a disciplined warrior. • A disciplined warrior always looks to his captain So when you apply self-development training to your life it does NOT mean you are not Christ centered in fact it will help you to be MORE Christ centered.

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The Lion is BY NATURE the king of the jungle. Yet they are not born with the developed skills to operate as the king of the jungle. They have to LEARN these skills. They have to WORK at it and it takes them at least 2 years to fully develop as the king of the jungle they were born to be.

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The POWER of One MAN • It has been said: “One With God Is A Majority”. What a truism as we can see from the Scriptures: • God is searching for one man Ezek.22:30 Isa.6:8. • The power is unquantifiable either for good or bad. • The influence that one man possesses is so huge • Can turn change and transform nation or community.

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Mike Murdock says: “When God can move a man that man can move the world”.

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All Christian have Rights Power • Apostle John penned this: “However to all who received him to those believing in his name he gave authority power right to become God’s adult mature fully developed children - John 1:12. • Meaning: All Believers have RIGHTS POWER to become MATURE DEVELOP be GREAT.

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Now the Question is: • Are you DEVELOPING those rights and the authority you were given • Are you BECOMING an adult son or daughter of God in life and ministry • In order to be able to operate in this position as an adult son or daughter of God you have to LEARN develop the skills. It will take WORK. This work is called “Personal or Self Development”.

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• Luke 16:8 says …. for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light” • Meaning Application: Many of the young people of the world go to Self development Seminars here/there and come back more motivated than the youngsters that are in church”.

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• The story of Moses as he was backed up against between the army of the Egyptians and the red sea. He cried out for God to help. God’s reply was in fact a rebuke • God said: “Why are you crying out to Me What do you have in your hand” Exodus 14:15 He had a rod in his hand. What does the rod symbolize Authority

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• We have the Authority and Power to TURN our life around for better. • It is through a daily systematic personal development to grow all round as a child of destiny.

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What is Personal Development for Christians

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• What is the meaning of personal growth in a Christian context • Christians are in the process of being changed into the image of Christ from glory to glory 2 Corinthians 3:18.

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• Christians are to be making upward progress and are to be growing and developing. Really • Actually it means that we are being reduced while He becomes greater – when we consider the words of John the Baptist John 3:30. • Even though we are growing we need to replace the reign of self with the reign of Christ if we must keep growing. We need humbling.

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Paul’s Experience in Humbling • The apostle Paul had this experience. • Early in his ministry he called himself the least of the apostles 1 Corinthians 15:9. • Later he called himself less than the least of all the saints Ephesians 3:8. • And towards the end of his life he called himself the worst sinner in the world 1 Timothy 1:15. • As the apostle Paul grew in faith he saw himself as less and less.

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• When we study the lives of God’s people who have made progress in their spiritual life we noticed that what marks them OUT is the recognition that they are fading out of the picture while Jesus Christ takes the foremost place. John 12:24-25.

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Examining Some Key Terminologies • Self Development • Self Improvement • Christian Personal Development • Personal Growth • Spiritual Growth • Spiritual Maturity • Christian Perfection • Continuous Preparation

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Definition • NOTE: These terms are basically talking about the same thing: KEEP GROWING GROW UP: i.e.: • Moving forth beyond yourself Phil.3:10-14 Attaining God’s fullness moving from grave to grass to grace to glory and to glory 2Cor.3:18 • Large-heartedness Maturity A broad shoulder Ikgs.4:29 • Character building and attitudinal changes 2Pet.1:5-10 • Breaking bad habits overcoming weaknesses and complete change Lam.5:21

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Definitions….. Cont’d • Personal Growth and Development is a gradual and systematic character building attitudinal changes spiritual stability personal preparation and equipping for life and ministry exploits. • It is a mental emotional spiritual social and psychological development with the ability to behave maturely in every circumstances of life. ICor.13:11 14:20 I Tim.4:23 Heb.5:12-14

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Illustrations of Growth • The illustrations of growth abounds everywhere: • Nature is subject to the natural laws of growth. • God has so created the world in such a way that growth is natural – Gen.1:21-2228 • The trees all creatures are growing and multiplying • When growth stops the world will come to its knees • When progress stops past achievement pales away • Without growth there’s no future • Without growth decay and deterioration becomes common.

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Personal Christian Development Covers: • Spiritual Maturity – Your spiritual stature determines how much you become for God.

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• Emotional Maturity – Self Control and Self mastery ICor.9:27

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• Mental Maturity – Information learning knowledge and wisdom

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• Social Maturity – Relating effectively with people.

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• Communication Maturity – Your words can make or mar you. Luke 1:40 52

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God Demands That You Develop • God loves growth desire development and command everyone of his creature to do so. • Even though He does not grow change He demands it – Mal.3:6 Heb.13:8 • When there’s no growth man becomes frustrated downcast sad crest-fallen unsettled and bored with life.

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Personal Development Is Improvement: • Every Christian leaders must grow because: • If you don’t grow within you can’t grow without • Your growth will be the growth of your work • Your capacity will be the capacity of your ministry • The speed of the leader will be the speed of the ministry • Gifting without growth leads to incompetence • Growth prevents personal and ministerial stagnation

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• When leaders grow church organisation grows • If your development stops ability to minister stops • You can’t demand from others what you don’t demand of your self • You need to be the person God has purposed you to be • Being used doesn’t mean you’re perfect or approved.

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The Reality of Personal Development for Spiritual Efficacy for Ushering Ministry • Personal development and growth for those who minister as ushers is critical because: • You stand to welcome people all sorts into God’s house presence. • Your calling demands that you must be above board • People expectations of ushers is very high

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• People readily trust rely and obey you • You stand in a privilege position in the church hence people confide in you. • You are more targeted by spiritual powers because you stand at the gate.

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• You are more subject to temptation and pride due to prominence • Some people take delight in attacking criticising and condemning you • Heaven needs you the church needs you and Satan is after you

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Spiritual Growth Begins With Discomfort • Many of the problems trials persecutions misunderstandings and crisis in our lives were designed by God to aid our personal growth and development and prepare us for better work.

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• Akin-John wrote this “If God loves you dearly He will hurt you deeply”. • Andy Rooney nailed it when he gave us these wise words "Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain but all the happiness and growth occurs while youre climbing it”.

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The Power of Personal Development • Personal Development or growth is key to: • Ministry growth • Growing others • Unquantifiable success • Finishing strong • Great achievement • Outstanding leadership • Higher calling • Handling success successfully • Overcoming the storms of life

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The Importance of Personal Development Importance of Personal Development Desire Determination and Dedicztion Relationship With Others Personal Development

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There’s Danger of Stagnation • Without consistently developing and continually improving yourself ability to move forward in life and lead others in ministry will stagnate: • Your character will drive people away • People under you will remain immature • You’ll handle problems the same old way • You become petty callous and intimidating • Become routinized and mechanical • Immaturity babyish and overwhelm with challenges.

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Danger of Non – Growth • According to Rev.3:15-18 Phil.3:10-14 Lk.1:53 the danger of not developing include: • Loss of first love • Decay and corruption • Incapacitate God to work more • Sands in your salt • Lose what you have • Dog back to its vomit again • Loss of heaven

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Danger of Non – Growth • Loss of first love • Decay and corruption • Incapacitate God to work more • Sands in your salt • Lose what you have • Dog back to its vomit again • Loss of heaven • You begin to crawl and stop climbing • You put ceiling on vocational growth • You put a stop to God’s flow into your life • You begin journey into oblivion • You become a man of yesterday • You abort your greater tomorrow • You embrace decline and decay • You open the way for others to overtake you • You debar God’s glorious flow though you to others According to Rev.3:15-18 Phil.3:10-14 Lk.1:53 the danger of not developing include:

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Imperatives of Personal Development – Exo.18:19-21 • Every true leader in ministry must seek to grow and develop in these five major areas: • Character – Your character is the backbone of your life and ministry • Capacity – You must grow and develop in spiritual physical leadership relational management and financial capacities. • Competence – You must handle things meet needs and solve problem admirably • Contribution – You must make positive lasting and notable contribution to people’s lives. • Connection – You must attract nurture people around you and not be a loner

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Character – Your character is the backbone of your life and ministry

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Capacity – You must grow and develop in spiritual physical leadership relational management and financial capacities.

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Competence – You must handle things meet needs and solve problem admirably

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Contribution – You must make positive lasting and notable contribution to people’s lives. •

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Connection – You must attract nurture people around you and not be a loner

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Compassion – You must feel people’s pain and be moved to provide relieve

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What Happened When Spiritual Growth Occurs: • Spiritual growth occurs when the following phases are recognized and carried out: • Phase 1: You recognizes a biblical expectation. • Phase 2: Experiences discomfort when he becomes aware of his need to change a belief or act on a biblical obligation. • Phase 3: An accountability leader wisely guides the member toward action.

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• Phase 4: Then he makes the decision to do whats right rather than whats easy. • Phase 5: The member/usher commits to the action. • Phase 6: The leader and other members celebrate with the individual who has courageously moved beyond his comfort zone. • Phase 7: The individual experiences growth and is more easily motivated to take on the next challenge to obedience he encounters in the Bible.

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Principles of Personal Development Growth For Christians • Be connected to the Divine Source • Discover God’s purpose for your life and pursue it • Have desire to Grow be hungry and thirsty for growth Lk.1:53. • Learn all you can about growth training and learning • Work and keep improving yourself daily • Give your all to it to grow • Do everything with grow in view • Study read and read the Word I Tim.4:13 II Tim.4:13 • Share your faith • Maintain a regular prayer life • Be current and be informed • Dig in until you see your development in reality perseverance • Don’t be satisfied with average – Phil.3:4 • Move with men of purpose – An Accountability partner - Pro.17:17 • Ask for more grace daily • Always watch and be careful – Luke 21:34-36 ITim.4:16 • Don’t complain or murmur at God’s dealing – Psa.66:10-12 The following are factors or steps that is required for development and growth in life and ministry:

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Why Are Many of Us Not Growing • The reasons why many believers are not growing include: • Lack of purpose and direction – Pro.29:18. Vision of who you are purpose in life and where you are going is lacking. • Absence of genuine salvation – Many aren’t sure of their salvation. Many are religious but not saved. Many are reformed but not transformed. Many are hoping to please God with their works. • Lack of stock taking and analysis – 2Cor.13:5. Many fail to check up themselves. They assume they are OK. They fail to compare their today with their yesterday spiritually. The best watchman in the world is the man who watch himself.

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• Unseriousness and Frivolity – Many are unserious about their life God and things of eternal value. There are three types of people: the serious seriocomic and the light in spirit. The last two never grow. • Unwillingness to change – Many are so set in their ways that they consider change as compromise. They believe they are right. They glory in saying: “I am still the same as I was so I am”. However growth means change.

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• Self Satisfaction – Many are satisfied with little they love average and go for crumbs rather than full. • Self Indulgence – Most people who aren’t growing have chosen not to pay the price for growth. They indulge their appetites and become slaves to food sex and pleasure. However we must realize that self indulgence is the law of death while self denial is the law of life.

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• Demonic Activities – Demons may harass by temptations doubt anxiety and discouragement and all these combine to retard the journey to development. • Carnality and Worldly minded – When all the waking thoughts and labours are centred on the ephemeral things of this life growth and development is hindered.

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Obstacles to Personal Development • Anything that is good and beneficial will be attacked hence many obstacles has prevented a lot of people to develop and grow in faith and life. • Some of these obstacles include: • Ignorance glorification – the giant killer • Self contentment and adulation Comparism syndrome • Anti change and anti growth spirit • Lack of clear vision • Laziness • Pride and boasting

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• Lack of courage and determination • Moving with wrong company • Playing today to pay tomorrow • Fear of advancement – fears has destroyed many great dreams • Satisfaction with average life –little men cannot achieve much • Unwholesome myths and notions – Can serve great hindrances • Demonic activities – they abound in Africa • Strongholds of the past – the past can hinder the future • Carefree and carelessness – unseriousness is a great bane

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The DON’TS of Christian PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT • Don’t surrender means: • Never give up • Don’t stop • Quit not • Ensure not to neglect • The following are quintessential we can’t surrender our personal growth and development to:

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1. CIRCUMSTANCES • Your circumstances and condition may be pathetic: no helper no supporter no encourager. Yet you must remember that your condition does not matter but your conclusion. • Remember Gideon

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2. SUCCESS • Success is good and everyone desire it but… • Even when you’re swimming in this ocean you can be carried away if you’re holding on or keep progressing. • Many who fail to grow move were destroyed by their success. • Don’t forget Judas

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3. ANOINTING • Anointing is desirable when its results becomes a reality. • Those who rely on anointing without strong character have got themselves to blame. • Let Samson speak to us

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4. ACHIEVEMENT • Whether achievement or accomplishment many because of it had become history. • Your personal and ministry achievement will collapse in the absence of dedicated and committed personal growth and development. • Please remember David

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5. METHODOLOGY • Method is good but without a progressing renewal in tandem with current happenings it’s futile. • All the methods in the whole world will fail in the absence of a persistent personal and progressive development.

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6. PERSONALITY • A personality not supported with constant nutrients for refreshing will be stale and wears out. • Your natural strong personality will not suffice for long without personal growth

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7. COMMENDATION • The fact that people are praising and commending you should never make you abandon your labour on your development. • Father Noah should preach to us

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8. POSITION/TITLE • Many are running after these today with all they can muster. • Positions and titles have blindfolded many from pursuing their personal development. • We should learn from Diothrephes

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9. AGE EXPERIENCE • Growth and development is a never ending journey. • Age and experience cannot replace the key role of personal growth

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10. GIFTS TALENTS PROPHECY • The Lord has graciously bestow us with different gifting to do ministry and bring His people to maturity • Many who are wonderfully gifted but lacks personal growth have been ruined by their gifts.

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The GOALS of Christian PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT • To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. • To take health happiness and prosperity to everyone you meet. • To be truly free from every vestige of self life. • To be well prepared for the higher calling of God in Christ Jesus. • To make all your friends feel that there is something good in them.

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• To look at the sunny side of everything and be positive always. • To think only of the best work only for the best and expect only the best. • To be able to do things that pleases Him always. • To be truly and sincerely happy and enthusiastic about the success of others.

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• To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. • To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every person you meet a smile. • To give so much time to the improvement to the improvement to yourself you have no time to criticize others. • To be too large to worry too noble for anger too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of evil.

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• To do the greatest good to the greatest number of people. • To live so well that those who come across you will never remain the same. • To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world not in loud words but in good deeds.

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The GOALS/BENEFITS Illustrated HEIGHT Power Glory Majesty Strength of God Eph.3:18-19 Four Dimensional Growth LENGTH Outreach and Blessing to Others BREADTH Justice Faithfulness Lovingkindness and Favour of God DEPTH Mercy Love Knowledge Purity Wisdom and Grace

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How to Continually GROW As a Leader in Ministry • You must be intentional purposeful and deliberate in your effort if you are going to grow as Christian leader: • Possess a Learning Spirit – Learn about yourself others ministry and your field • Be a good reader – Read others read wide and deep. Read to gain knowledge insight and experience. Read magazine newspapers blogs books and biographies.

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• Listen to Tapes and CDs – Messages that challenge inspire educate and prick your soul abound around. • Enrol in a Training – You will always need formal informal and non-formal trainings in ministry and life. • Get Resources – Materials and resources makes a leader. Spend to gather relevant resources that can increase you.

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• Develop your devotional life – Create time to study research pray seek and wait upon God. Let the fire from the altar touch you every morning. • Attend quality conferences – There are things you will learn in a conference that you will never learn anywhere else. create time to attend 5days quality conferences twice a year. • Seek for wisdom – Feedback evaluation and counsel of mentors and accountability

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• Obey the Holy Spirit – Build a deep communion with the Holy Spirit and listen to and obey His instruction. • Move with those that can improve you – The people you move with will either add to you multiply you or divide and subtract from you.

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Conclusion • The development of leaders and under- leaders will always be the growth of their work. Their personal growth and development is the mother of every growth. • So if you stop growing you start to grey.

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• When you engage seriously in personal growth and development it will help you to balance out many areas of life and ministry such as: • Power with purity • Healing with holiness • Faith with faithfulness • Miracle with meekness • Prosperity with pureness of heart • Gifts with love for the Giver

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• If you don’t want to be a developing and growing church leader then don’t be intentional about your spiritual life always hang out with people just like you never take any risks to move out of your comfort zone keep patting yourself on the back even though you’re not progressing and keep chasing trends and short cuts to success.

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• However if you desire to progress in your Christian journey note that personal development for your spiritual potency depends on Spiritual Social and Emotional maturity which is a reflection of your daily life pursuits. • To be spiritually matured is…. • To be socially matured is….. • To be emotionally matured is……

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To be Spiritually matured is… • Spiritual maturity is seen when a person is… Not easily upset able to wait on God not prayer and fasting but waiting in patience not easily excited over little things has constructive ideas faces reality is compassionate keeps out of the rut is able to begin all over again maintains high standards sensible in dealing with people avoids mistakes thinks first and acts afterwards maintains a regular and deep prayer life and meditates on Gods word daily.

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To be Socially matured is….. • Social maturity is manifested when a person is: Responsible accepts others take turns adaptable obey rules mixes with others tolerant hardworking accepts unpleasantries forgives and forebears apologises and admits errors unselfish charitable considerate and shoulders blame.

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To be Emotionally matured is…… • Emotional maturity shows when a person is: Able to forgive stops walking at the brink of sin mentally stable rejoices sincerely at the good and success of others mature enough not to put his problems on his face able to control his anger and above inferiority or superiority complex.

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CPD Takes time • God’s dealing takes time. He has to cook us well before He can commit something great into our hands: • It took Abraham 25years Moses 40years Joshua 40yrs Samuel 30yrs David 16yrs Paul 14yrs and Elisha many years. • THE RULE: You have to spend most of these years under an earthly Mentor

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The Ant Philosophy – Jim Rohn

slide 103:

Where Are You in Your Garden of Life Fred Herman said “When you’re green your growing- when you’re ripe you’re getting rotten

slide 104:

Have You Ever Been Accused Of Being A CHRISTIAN

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Gal.6:17 “From now on let no one trouble me for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.” NKJV. “Quite frankly I dont want to be bothered anymore by these disputes. I have far more important things to do - the serious living of this faith. I bear in my body scars from my service to Jesus.” MSG.

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• The MARKS the SCARS are the Evidences of your personal Development exploit in Faith. • Do you have these evidences in your life right now • If not this is the time to CRY fervently to God of heaven deal with me Oh Lord tame me with your tender hands and put your MARKS SCARS and EVIDENCE of Maturity and Development upon my life so that I can touch others also today.

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Shall We Pray

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