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ABOUT US Carnegie Private Schools are college preparatory Christian schools. Our schools are located in beautiful and sunny Southern California, with most less than an hour from the Los Angeles International Airport. With exceptional weather and gorgeous landscapes, Los Angeles is the world’s premier destination. From skiing the San Bernardino mountains to surfing Malibu beaches, you will never be without something to do. Spend your time mountain biking, snowboarding, or hiking our great outdoors. If you prefer to explore Los Angeles from the indoors, our world class museums and local cuisine will excite your spirit. 17 AAAlication 0Coc8ss Our Programs Campus Life Find out More 5 Mi77l8 2chool High 2chool GCa7uation 18quiC8m8nts CouCs8 O998Cings ww w . carnegie-schools . com CamAus Li98 CamAus 0Co9il8s 15 Aca78mic 18souCc8s A5out 3s OuC 2tats Carnegie Contents


1958 Year Established 400 Number of Students on Campus 18 Number of AP Courses Offered 20:1 Student to Teacher Ratio 5 Number of Concurrent Enrollment Universities Our Stats 5 Languages Offered

Life at Carnegie:

Life at Carnegie


MIDDL E SCHOO L C ARN EGIE : 6 -8 STUDY OPTIONS College Preparatory Track All Students entering our middle school will be placed on a college preparatory track. Courses taken during these foundational years of Upper School are designed to prepare students for the next step forward, grade nine. Students engage in challenging courses that will prepare them for the courses colleges and universities look at for admission. Advanced Study The Advance Study option is designed for students looking to earn high school credits while still in middle school. Biology, Chemistry, Honors English, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and Trigonometry are all courses offered in middle school through Advanced Study at the “a-g” level.


Middle School Carnegie is committed to preparing middle school students for success in high school. We consider our middle school program to be the foundation for a student’s progression through the rest of their academic career. Therefore, we have structured our Carnegie Middle School as a college preparatory level program. Students entering in grades 6-8 will complete coursework in English, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. Advanced courses are offered as well as high school level courses for qualified students.


“Carnegie offered more resources and opportunities than other programs. For that reason, I chose Carnegie. Throughout my time here, I was given so much support.” -Taliyah, Taiwan


ADV ANC E D PROGRAM Carnegie’s Advanced Program offers highly qualified students the opportunity to engage in rigorous courses of their choosing including AP courses, Honors courses, university courses and independent research projects. Past Advanced Program students have studied at UCLA, UC Berkeley, Standford University, and Rice University. Acceptance into the Advanced Program is based on the following criteria: Academic Record (past three years) References from a teacher in one of the following subjects: Mathematics, English, Language Arts, or Science. Completion of at least one prior Honors or AP course. Grades Course Length Intakes Eligibility 9-12 Up to 4 academic years Fall 3.5/4.0 GPA, previous completion of an AP or Honors course. UPP ER SCHOO L C ARN EGIE : 9 - 12


E2G0/S. 4 YEARS/40 CRED/TS SIbCecH 2IDbeF EA YeaFG/CFediH 1AT. 3 YEARS/30 CRED/TS SC/E2CE 3 YEARS/30 CRED/TS S3C/A0 SC/E2CE 3 YEARS/30 CRED/TS W3R0D 0A2GUAGES 2 YEARS/20 CRED/TS V/SUA0/4ERF. ARTS 1 YEAR/10 CRED/TS 4.YS/CA0 EDU. 4 SE1/20 CRED/TS .EA0T. 1 SE1ESTER T.E303GY 4 YEARS/40 CRED/TS E0ECT/VES 34T/32A0 High School Academic Information Carnegie High School students must complete a total of 230 credits as well as a combination of specific core subjects and electives in order to graduate. Carnegie encourages students to take advantage of the many clubs and opportunities available to them in an effort to develop the whole student. All students will be placed in appropriate core courses according to Carnegie High School’s discretion and analysis of academic records and placement exams. The graduation requirements listed here, along with elective courses, meet or exceed the University of California admission requirements.




CAMPUS LIFE Carnegie believes that preparing for college requires more than intensive academics. For this reason, campus life is important at Carnegie as we develop the whole student. We consider ourselves a community and we invite each student into our network of teachers, staff, and students with welcoming arms. At Carnegie High School, we encourage students to participate in after school activities including sports, community service, student government, and student led clubs. As a college preparatory program, students should aim to be well rounded, participating in a variety of on and off campus activities. CIF Athletics Offerings Boys Girls Footballl Baseball Volleyball Softball Basketball Swim Basketball Cheer Soccer Golf Soccer Swim Tennis Track Tennis Track Cross Country Cross Country Golf Cooking Club SAT Prep Eco Initiative Robotics Space Team Chinese Club Ping Pong Student Government Theatre Club Community Service Chess Club Debate Team Ultimate Frisbee Discipleship Group Club Sewing Club Badminton



Carnegie Academic Resources:

Carnegie Academic Resources College and Career Counseling Program Carnegie’s College and Career Counseling program provides each student the individualized guidance he or she needs to succeed academically and find his or her best university fit. Academic and university-related information is also available. Carnegie College Counselors work exclusively with students in the college application process to ensure their application is authentic and unique to each student’s educational background. Students are encouraged to make regular appointments with their counselor to ensure they are on track to achieve their individual academic goals. Carnegie workds closely with the College Board to keep students up-to-date on all things college bound students must know. One-To-One Laptop/iPad Program Carnegie’s One-to-One Laptop/iPad program is a primary tool for enhancing engagement between students and the classroom teachers. The laptop is used in classes as diverse as physics and physical education. Students take advantage of their laptops/iPads to access real-time content, take notes and assessments, and utilize relevant applications. Carnegie Technology Program Carnegie is a leader in the technology driven age of education. As such, we have a team to investigate the best technology tools for the classroom, provide training for our faculty and carefully plan for the use of these tools. Our goal is to implement technology that allows students to have a richer educational experience. You can see our efforts throughout our curriculum, classrooms, and virtual student engagement.

Application Process:

Application Process How to Apply to Carnegie High School Visit Complete the application online which can be found under the admissions tab. Pay the application fee by check, cash, card or wire transfer. Carnegie will notify you of all admissions decisions via email. A hard copy of the decision will also be mailed to your home upon request. If Carnegie requires further information, our admissions team will contact you within two weeks of your application submission. All applications should be submitted as early as possible for admission into the following fall class. A note about our decision process: Carnegie High School admits students from every race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin to all aspects of its programs and activities. Carnegie practices a non- discriminatory admissions process and no student is denied acceptance on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin. A student’s race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin has no bearing on any tuition assistance or financial aid decisions, including loans and scholarship programs. The Carnegie admissions team looks at the whole student including prior academic performance, interviews, references and extra curricular participation. Carnegie seeks to develop well-rounded students with many talents and abilities. No two applications are the same. Carnegie assesses the student as an individual and looks at the entirety of the application before making a decision. For more information contact [email protected] Financial Aid is available. Please request information from the Admissions Office.

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