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Elinguafolio y Proyecto final:

Elinguafolio y Proyecto final More Helpful Hints For Earning The Best Grade Possible…

How Many questions need to be included in my Proyecto Final?:

How Many questions need to be included in my Proyecto Final? The directions for this assignment list these questions. You need to include both the questions and your responses in complete sentences ! ¿Cómo te llamas? ¿Cómo estás? ¿De dónde eres? ¿Cuál es tu nacionalidad?¿Dónde vives? ¿Cuántos años tienes? ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? ¿Qué no te gusta mucho hacer? ¿Qué es algo ( something ) que no te gusta nada hacer? ¿A qué hora empieza y termina la escuela? ¿Cómo es el horario? ¿A qué hora son las clases y qué periódos son? ¿A qué hora es el almuerzo? ¿Cuánto duran las clases y el almuerzo? ¿Qué haces en las clases? ¿Cuál es tu clase favorita? ¿Quién es el maestro/la maestra? ¿ Qué objetos hay en la clase? ¿Qué hay enfrente de ti, detrás de ti, y a la izquierda y a la derecha de ti en la clase? End your presentation with a slide with three questions for a classmate to answer about themselves or their school .

How many slides does my project need to be?:

How many slides does my project need to be? Your project will need to be several slides since you won’t be able to put all the questions and answers on one slide. Submissions typically have 4-5 slides or sections. Remember to include pictures on some of your slides or use an eye appealing template. If you include pictures, be sure to cite where the pictures came from (the directions for this assignment include details on how to correctly cite pictures).

Can I Use Google Docs?:

Can I Use Google Docs? The cool thing about taking this class online is the opportunity to experiment with different applications that you might be able to use in other classes too! Please use either Prezi or Authorstream to submit your Proyecto Final! This presentation you are watching was created using Powerpoint . The final, saved Powerpoint presentation was uploaded into Authorstream . Then, I was able to copy a Share code and paste it into the submission link.

How Do I submit my Proyecto Final?:

How Do I submit my Proyecto Final? DO NOT try to upload your presentation into the “Submit Assignment” link. Once you save your presentation either in Prezi or Authorstream , there will be an area that says “Share.” Please click on Share, copy the link it gives you and PASTE THE LINK into the “Submit Assignment” link. That is how I will be able to access your assignment. Remember you do not have to download an app to complete this assignment. Prezi is simply a website in which you set up an account (free), create your Prezi, save and then copy the share link to paste in the submission link. Your Prezi will be saved within your account too!

Don’t forget to include both the audio and written part to the Proyecto Final!:

Don’t forget to include both the audio and written part to the Proyecto Final! Students often times lose points on this assignment because they forget to record themselves reading the questions and their response. You can record yourself directly in the application or create a separate audio file.


Elinguafolio At the beginning of the course, you set up your eLinguafolio account. This week you will go back to that account and do three things to complete this assignment: * Click on the “I Can” proficiency goal tab.


Then, click on each of the five language domain tabs which take you to the “I Can” statements. Click “I Can” for each statement you feel confident about. You will be updating this tab throughout the course so don’t click on a tab if you don’t feel truly confident about it. It can be a goal  Select the level you feel most comfortable to update (Novice, Intermediate…)


Next, take a screenshot of each section with the I Can statements checked and submit them to me in the Submit Assignment link for this eLinguafolio assignment. Be sure to send a screen shot for each section.


Finally, complete the reflection questions found in the eLinguafolio assignment directions! Be sure to give examples and provide well thought out answers in order to receive the highest grade on this assignment. **Due to technical issues that sometimes are associated with the eLinguafolio website, you do not have to upload examples/evidence for the I Can statements. We use your past assignments as evidence **

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