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Buying Property in Spain: Tax Considerations

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Taxation Rates When Buying Property in the Aragon If you are planning to have dealings with property in the Aragon region of Spain then you will be subject to the payment of sales tax.

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The specific rate payable will depend upon whether you are entitled to any deductions which are laid out in a number of different pieces of legislation enacted by the Aragonese Parliament relating to the area of property and taxation. Spanish Property Law

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Ley 4/1998 establishes that in standard transfers of property the rate of tax payable is 7%.This applies as much to the transfers of rights as to outright transfers of the property, excepting rights conferred by the creation of a mortgage on the property. Spanish Property Law

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Article 121(5) of Decreto Legislativo 1/2005 establishes a lower tax rate of 3% applicable where a 'large family' (as legally defined) purchases a property. Apart from fulfilling the main requirement of being a legally defined 'large' family, the following criteria must be satisfied: Initiatives for Large Families

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Initiatives for Large Families 1) The family must be a designated 'large family' within the legal definition 2) Within two years either side of having purchased the new home any prior home has been sold 3) The value of the home may not exceed €240,000

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Initiatives for Large Families 4) The new home must exceed the prior home by 10% in size 5) The purchasers may not have net income greater than €35,000 as a family group. This limit may be increased by €6000 for each additional child over the legally required threshold

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The concept of a large family in Aragon may be defined as follows: Normal – Where there are three or four children Special – Where there are five or more children Initiatives for Large Families

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The concept has also been extended to certain situations where a child is disabled or where the parents are divorced. Initiatives for Large Families

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