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Property Taxes in Spain

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Property Taxes Payable in Alicante Spanish property law in the Valencia region , specifically Ley 11/2002 sets out the rate of tax payable on the transfer of property and the creation of rights over the property (except for mortgages) as being 7% of the value of the property.

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Where the property being purchased is a property subsidised by the government then it is subject to a tax rate of 4% if the property is going to constitute the main home of the purchaser. Protected or Subsidised Properties

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Ley 11/2002 further provides that a property acquired by a legally defined 'large' family for the purpose of being their main home is subject to a special tax rate of 4% where: - the property is purchased within 2 years of the family achieving the status of being 'large' Initiatives for Large Families

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- the property formerly used as a family home must be sold within the same period of time - the new property must be at least 10% larger in area than the previous home - the total taxable income of the family unit may not exceed €44,955 Initiatives for Large Families

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Purchase of Housing by the Disabled The acquisition of a property by a person suffering a physical or sensory disability of > 65% or a mental disability > 33% shall attract a rate of tax of 4% for that part of the property which they acquire.

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