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The Ku Klux Klan (KKK):

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) By: Kathleen Sullivan

The KKK of the 1920s :

The KKK of the 1920s The Ku Klux Klan’s relevance to the 1920s is right after the Civil War, this was created because some peoples lives were changed after the war because they had to give up their slaves when the African Americans won their freedom. X

The KKK Symbol::

The KKK Symbol:

Ku Klux Klans:

Ku Klux Klans There were two main Ku Klux Klans . Although they shared the same purpose, they were different in some ways.

Ku Klux Klan #1:

Ku Klux Klan #1 The KKK started right after the Civil War. It contained white Southerners who were angry when the war ended. They were upset because the Blacks had gained freedom from slavery and they had lost their slaves. Their lives had changed without slavery and they felt threatened.

Ku Klux Klan #1 Continued…:

Ku Klux Klan #1 Continued… The Klan wanted to control the freed slaves. They attempted to ruin black education, economic advancement, voting rights, and the right to bear arms. However, the Klan's focus was not just African Americans; Southern Republicans also became a big target of the KKK. A wave of 1,300 murders of Republican voters in 1868, was primarily a political purge rather than a racial conflict. The violence achieved its purpose.

Ku Klux Klan #1 Continued…:

Ku Klux Klan #1 Continued… The first Klan was never well organized. As a secret or "invisible" group, it had no membership rosters, no newspapers, no local officers, and no state or national officials. Its popularity came from its reputation, which was greatly enhanced by its outlandish costumes and its threatening theatricality.

Ku Klux Klan #2:

Ku Klux Klan #2 The second Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1915. It demonstrated the newfound power of modern mass media. It was founded by William J. Simmons at Stone Mountain, outside Atlanta.

Ku Klux Klan #2 Continued…:

Ku Klux Klan #2 Continued… The second Ku Klux Klan rose spread from the South into the Midwest region and Northern states and even into Canada. At its peak, Klan membership exceeded 4 million and was 20% of the adult white male population. Most memberships were from the Midwest region. By 1925 the Klan was a powerful political force in the state.

Activities of Ku Klux Klan #2:

Activities of Ku Klux Klan #2 The burning cross is a symbol used by the Klan to create terror. Cross burning is said to have been introduced by William J. Simmons, the founder of the second Klan in 1915. In the 1920s and 1930s a group of the Klan called the Black Legion was very active in the Midwestern U.S. Rather than wearing white robes, the Legion wore black uniforms similar from those of pirates. The Black Legion was the most violent group of the Klan, and were known for targeting and assassinating communists and socialists.

Why Did I Choose the KKK?:

Why Did I Choose the KKK? I chose to write about the Ku Klux Klan because I think they are a very interesting topic because you do not find very many groups like this. The KKK is very unique to 1920s.