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The Jazz Age:

The Jazz Age The Music of the 1920s.

What is the Jazz Age?:

What is the Jazz Age? The Jazz Age took place during the 1920s. Jazz was a huge influence in the 1920s. Radios and phonographs spread jazz to many places. More than 100,000,000 of these were bought in 1927. It brought a new cultural movement.

The Beginning of Jazz:

The Beginning of Jazz Jazz was often associated with African Americans. It soon expanded to become socially acceptable to middle-class white Americans. Speakeasies quickly became popular places to play jazz music.

Influence of the Jazz Age:

Influence of the Jazz Age Younger people used the influence of jazz to rebel against past generations. Jazz inspired fads and bold fashion statements. With the radio, people could listen to jazz without visiting jazz clubs. New dances were created to go along with jazz.

Women in the Jazz Age:

Women in the Jazz Age Many famous women emerged in the 1920s. Two famous women were Bessie Smith and Hardin Armstrong. Many famous women were not recognized until the 1930s and 1940s. Some women would dress up like men to gain acceptance in society as a musician.

Famous Jazz Performers of the 1920s.:

Famous Jazz Performers of the 1920s. Louis Armstrong William Basie Charlie Christian Miles Davis Duke Ellington Ella Fitzgerald Benny Goodman Herbie Hancock Scott Joplin

Famous Jazz Performers of the 1920s (continued).:

Famous Jazz Performers of the 1920s (continued). Bix Beiderbecke Betty Carter John Coltrane Bill Evans Coleman Hawkins Art Tatum

End of the Jazz Age:

End of the Jazz Age The Jazz Age ended in the early 1930s with the beginning of the Great Depression. Jazz still live on in American pop culture. Jazz has influenced many new genres.


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