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KKK (Ku Klux Klan):

KKK (Ku Klux Klan) By: Liam McCormick

What They Were Known For:

What They W ere Known For Wearing white costumes They tried to kill Catholics, Jews, Unions, and African Americans They are said to be the most well-known terrorist group ever. At their highest point, they had 4.5 million members in their group.

Important Members in Group:

Important Members in Group The main leader was the Imperial Wizard, Hiram Wesley Evans. Other leaders were Nathan Bedford Forrest, William J. Simmons, and James A. Colescott.

What the White Costumes Were For:

What the White Costumes Were For The costumes were to hide their identities. They would wear masks and white robes. Once they would attack someone, they would run away and then they came up with the idea of the white robes and masks so no would would know who they are.

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In one city, there were 187 deaths and 548 assaults in 18 months. Their symbol was a burning cross. When they were attacked people, they would burn one of their crosses. In the Midwest, they were mainly in Ohio and Indiana.

Extra Information:

Extra Information The first group (KKK) was formed in Tennessee. The word came from the word kuklos which means circle. In one county, in one week, there were 150 African Americans killed and many were injured.


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Summary The KKK was a very violent group. They are the worse, or one of the worse terrorist groups ever. Their methods for judging people were very cruel. Everything they did, killing people or hurting them badly, will be remembered forever.