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The Jazz Age : 

The Jazz Age By: Ryan Mezera

Jazz Age : 

Jazz Age Jazz captured the spirit of the era so well that the 1920s is often known as the Jazz age.

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Jazz had its roots in the South in African American work songs and in the African music. A blend of ragtime and blues, it uses dynamic rhythms and Improvisation.

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Improvisation- new rhythms and melodies created during a performance. This is one of the things that makes jazz so special.

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Among the best-known African American jazz musicians were trumpeter Louis Armstrong, pianist and composer Duke Ellington, and singer Bessie Smith. Some white jazz artists such as Paul Whiteman and BixBiederbecke.

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More and More people became interested in jazz, and it began to spread. Jazz helped create a unique African American recording industry. Jazz gave America one of its most distinctive art forms. Jazz truly was one of the largest factors that contributed to the roaring 20s.

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