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Jazz Age : 

Jazz Age By: Gina


JAZZ AGE! The Jazz Age describes the period after the end of World War I, through the Roaring Twenties, ending with the onset of the Great Depression. ~http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jazz_Age

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Traditional values decreased while the American stock market soared. There were many great things introduced to Americans during the Jazz Age.

JAZZ! : 

JAZZ! Jazz was very unique and different from the music people used to listened to. It’s loud and syncopated, featuring the sounds of the saxophone.

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Unlike other popular music of the day, jazz was considered an evil influence on America's young people. With its offbeat rhythms and strange melodies, jazz was blamed for everything from drunkenness and deafness to an increase in single moms.


MUSIC! The types of music that most impacted the 1920s were ragtime, blues and jazz. Blues music, much of it from the southern United States, was slower and more thoughtful. The music that accompanied the age of the Flapper and the Flaming Youth was jazz!


DANCE! The wild rhythms of the Jazz Age brought dozens of new steps to the dance floors, including the Charleston, Black Bottom, Cubanola Glide and Tango Argentino, plus some shimmies, toddles and trots.

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For a while, animal dances were all the rage. While the Fox Trot was the most popular – and the only survivor – it was at one time joined by the Kangaroo Hop, Turkey Trot, Grizzly Bear, Bunny Hug and Horse Trot.

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