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Jews of WWII


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Jews of the Holocaust:

Created by: Nikki Albrecht Jews of the Holocaust

"The Final Solution":

"The Final Solution" Germany’s plan to kill all Jews. Why the Jewish people? When Germany’s economy crashed Jewish stuck together. Became jealous of unity Hitler promised to restore economy Killed approximately 6 million Jews

How Were They Found?:

VERY easy to find Jewish people had to wear armband everywhere had to follow set rules Hiding with others was difficult careful of increase, Nazi’s monitored everything if caught, whole household executed How Were They Found?

Consentration/Work Camps:

Government established them after start of war cornered people of ‘abnormal’ ethnical backgrounds created ghettos , transit camps, and forced-labor camps meant to deteriorate and kill Jews Were placed all over Europe worst Auschwits, one of first Buchenwald Consentration/Work Camps


treated like animals= fences forced to work without enough food rounded up and shot by Nazis food was watery soup and bread no medicine lived to die Treatment

Cruel and Unusual?:

Many died of starvation and exhaustion people “not fit to work”= gas chambers many thought they were being rewarded after a few seconds=dead after dead, bodies thrown in holes Jews dug those holes Cruel and Unusual?

Roberto’s Stone:

Helps remind him of his girl she was like the stone reminds him of Samuel Reminds me of all he did to help shows me that little things can save lives Roberto’s Stone

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