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Development (1):

Development (1) After thorough research (as seen), I decided to base my poster on ‘Passengers’’ posters. I liked how they both displayed the two characters’ within a simplistic, but stylised and highly effective fashion, not only enabling the viewers to recgonise their A/B list status, but also their significance within the film. As I played the role of Sofia, I decided to feature Matthew Edson (Blake, the antagonist) and Fraser Saunders (Blake’s primary male henchman). In doing so, I am following Action Adventure gender roles, excluding the secondary female henchman, and heightening awareness for the evil antagonists’ grouping within our film. I decided to combine these two posters together and place my own take on it. I took pictures of the upper halves of their faces (in extreme close ups), and placed them one underneath the other (Matthew’s first, then Fraser’s) with “THE LABORATORY” title in between. Underneath Fraser’s would be the billing block information. After some thought… I was struggling to make this work. The photos were brilliant quality and on paper my design was conventional and visually appealing, but, when I came to create this in Photoshop CS6, it appeared basic and unprofessional. So, I started to experiment with only Fraser’s (the henchman) picture instead. I noticed, other than Passengers’, many base images in posters had been extensively altered and edited, so my first thought was to experiment with the blue, placing an overlay over the image and manipulating the opacity so his skin remained visible but skewed.

Development (2):

Development (2) I then took the tag line, “They were always watching me ” - changing it from my sketches, “They were always watching” - from our narration and proceeded to retrace my work onto Fraser’s skin, duplicated the now-untouched layer , and on the above version, trimmed around the frame of his glasses. On this, I altered the brightness; on the lower layer, I replicated the blue “levels” as I had done before. I shortly added a slight outer glow within the same colour. Then I came to add other text – the billing block (using real examples to ensure the content was correct and professional), a corresponding release date (stating “THIS SUMMER ”, which will be in our trailer) and the primary cast, each first and second name above one another and in differing serif and sans serif fonts. At first, this text was in the same font, as shown by my sketch and image on the right, and in Photoshop I added a white stroke. But, soon after, I altered this to being white with a blue stroke and the first and last names in different fonts. The production logos I also placed an opaque colour overlay on, as this matched their appearance in the ending titles of our trailer and the rest of the poster.

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