Social Media: A New Business Perspective

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Social Media: A New Business Perspective:

Social Media: A New Business Perspective



https:// / buzzfeed -static/static/2015-10/22/13/enhanced/webdr15/enhanced-1331-1445534657-2.png


http:// /22-snapshots-infographics-rise-use-snapchat/


http:// /blog/2015/1/18/stuck-on-snapchat-product-hooks-driving-rise

Increased target market:

Increased target market https:// /ads

Reaching the younger population:

Reaching the younger population https:// / wp -content/ blogs.dir /1/files/snapchat- young.jpg

An inside view:

An inside view women.jpg https:// /2015/07/13/snapchat-redesign-moves-discover-to-top-of-stories-tab/

The business story:

The business story images?q =tbn:ANd9GcTbw1MvUuE-hPy-aiYVf52hvI7V0tm8-BQMwNtJWzbaqbsBviS8kA stories.jpg

Providing a “real” picture:

http:// / wp -content/uploads/2016/06/company- culture.png Providing a “real” picture

“View of Business” benefits:

“View of Business” benefits http:// / wp -content/uploads/2015/12/ Snapchat.jpg

Snapchat story benefits:

Snapchat story benefits http:// /public/resources/images/BN-KH792_snapch_G_20150915141417.jpg http:// /images/Timer_large-497838788.jpg

Customer service benefits:

Customer service benefits http:// /images/Timer_large-497838788.jpg

Gain on competitors:

Gain on competitors http:// / figz / wp -content/ seloads /2016/09/quote-1.jpg

Potential issues:

Potential issues

Target audience:

Target audience https:// / mpr / mpr /AAEAAQAAAAAAAAckAAAAJDJjZDY0NmYwLTIxZDMtNDQ1Ni1iMTYzLWEyZDU3NmY2ODJiOA.jpg

Media structure and maintenance:

Media structure and maintenance

Getting started:

Getting started

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