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Women's Studies Activism Powerpoing


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Girls on the Run : 

Activism project Intro to Women’s studies Laura Beth Girls on the Run

Purpose & Goals : 

What is Girls on the Run? Girls on the Run is a race held in cities across the United States & Canada that is geared for pre-teen girls. What are the goals of Girls on the Run? The goals are building the self-esteem of pre-teen girls through running, and also promoting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being of the girls. Purpose & Goals

Hair Care : 

Hair Care

Nutrition : 


My Contribution: Face Painting : 

My Contribution: Face Painting

Nail Salon : 

Nail Salon

Sign Making : 

Sign Making

Overall… : 

Likes Dislikes Visible positive difference in girls before and after the race Good example of healthy living for entire family A lot of focus on appearance Overall…

What would I do? : 

Keep the Same: Do Differently: Having sorority women involved Every girl participant with “#1” running number Letting girl’s families be in attendance Add more stations Vary the types/goals of the stations What would I do?

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Girls on the Run is a positive experience that promotes higher self-esteem within pre-teen girls. It stands to reason that it will help to reduce the number of low self-esteem issues (such as teen pregnancy, bullying, depression, etc.) in young women who participate. It also helps volunteers see an instant result from their efforts which will hopefully cause them to continue motivating girls they encounter in their everyday lives.

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