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The White House : 

The White House Laura Benson ED 205-01

Welcome to the White House : 

Welcome to the White House History The Blue Room The Green Room The Red Room The Oval Office The Cabinet Room The State Dining Room The Press Room Family Life A Virtual Tour References Author's Slide

History of the White House : 

History of the White House The White House was designed in 1790 by George Washington and Pierre L 'Enfant The house was completed in 1800 President John Adams was the first President to live in the White House The house has survived 2 fires, one in 1814 and one in 1929 The White House has 132 rooms and 35 Bathrooms!

The Blue Room : 

The Blue Room The Blue Room is the center of the State Floor of the White House. The Blue Room has been the customary place for presidents to formally receive guests. In this room on June 2, 1886, President Grover Cleveland became the first and only president to be married in the White House.

The Green Room : 

The Green Room The Green Room, located on the first floor of the White House, has been a favorite of Presidents and their families. The name may have come from President Jefferson's use of the space as a dining room, when he would cover the floor with a green-colored canvas for protection. Among the most historically significant events in our nation's history occurred here -- the signing of our first declaration of war. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy redecorated and refurbished the Green Room in 1961.

The Red Room : 

The Red Room The Red Room received its name in the 1840s from its red color scheme. Beginning in 1809, First Lady Dolley Madison held Wednesday Drawing Rooms that opened the doors for socializing between members of opposite political parties. In 1933, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt hosted the first of many press conferences for women reporters in the Red Room. At a time when women reporters were excluded from the president's press conferences.

The Oval Office : 

The Oval Office The Oval Office serves as the president's personal office and as a location for private meetings and conversations with aides and advisors. Though perhaps the most iconic room in the White House, the Oval Office was not used as the President’s personal office until after its renovations in 1902. Over the years Americans developed a sentimental attachment to the Oval Office through memorable images, such as John Kennedy, Jr. peering through the front panel of his father's desk or President Nixon talking on the phone with astronauts after a successful voyage.

The Cabinet Room : 

The Cabinet Room The Cabinet Room opens directly into the Oval Office and overlooks the famed Rose Garden. It serves as both a public and private space for presidents to communicate with cabinet secretaries and advisors. The centerpiece of the room is a large oval table, a gift from President Richard M. Nixon in 1970, surrounded by leather chairs. Each chair is specifically assigned, with a placard on the back indicating the position of the person meant to sit there. The president is seated in the center.

The State Dining Room : 

The State Dining Room Thomas Jefferson used the State Dining Room as his office and used the Red Room to receive guests. Several years later, President Andrew Jackson improved both the ambiance and odor of the room when he moved the White House stables out from under its windows. President Jackson also officially named the space the State Dining Room. In the 1902 renovations, the State Dining Room underwent the most dramatic transformation of any room on the State Floor of the White House. Previously, the room had only been able to hold 40 guests for dinner. By removing a staircase, the architects expanded the room to its current holding capacity of 140 people.

The Press Room : 

The Press Room The White House press corps gathers here to hear daily briefings from and ask questions of the White House press secretary. It is centrally located within the West Wing and includes doors to the Rose Garden that allow the members of the media quick access to outdoor events. Originally constructed in 1933 as a therapy pool for President Franklin Roosevelt, President Richard Nixon converted the space into the current press briefing room in 1970.

Family Life : 

Family Life The White House has served as the home for the president and his family since November 1800, when President John and Abigail Adams became the mansion's first residents. Over the years the White House has been the site of many family gatherings, including birthday parties, holiday dinners, and even weddings and funerals. On September 9, 1893, First Lady Frances Cleveland gave birth to Esther Cleveland. Esther is the only child of a president to ever be born in the White House. President Cleveland is the only president to be married in the White House, but several brides -- including presidential daughters Nellie Grant, Alice Roosevelt and Lynda Johnson -- have used the East Room for their nuptials. President Theodore Roosevelt's six children so filled the home with joy and laughter that he ordered the construction of a temporary building to serve as office space for his staff. Today, that building is called the West Wing. Tour the family living quarters!

Tour the White House : 

Tour the White House Click here to take a 3D virtual tour!

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