What are the different kinds of microwave ovens

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What are the different kinds of microwave ovens It’s hard to imagine the days before microwaves became a common trend in India. Today there are a plethora of microwaves available to address the various needs of a consumer. The emergence of this kitchen appliance has made cooking easier as it helps to rapidly heat a cooked meal along with cooking various dishes at a comparatively lesser time. For consumers it is important to note the various types of microwaves available in India. Here we lay out some of the most common types available: Solo Microwaves Also known as a ‘standard microwave a solo microwave is the most basic kind of microwave. These are usually manufactured to be placed over countertops. It rapidly and consistently heats meals within a short period of time. Most solo microwaves have defrost option too. Compared to other microwave ovens like grill or convection microwaves solo microwaves are budget friendly and hence popular in many households and IFB’s solo microwaves are a perfect companion for the modern chef. Convection Microwaves A Convection microwave as the name states comes with the combined features of a solo microwave and a convection oven. Consumers prefer to buy these microwaves in a bid to avoid purchasing two separate appliances. Convection microwaves have an integrated fan that allows the hot air to circulate around the food. This even heat distribution lets you bake cake bread pizza and so many delicious dishes in it. You can heat grill and bake with a convection microwave. It also has a defrost option too. For instance IFB’s 30L Convection Microwave Oven is a great example with lots of features for the modern day consumer. Grill Microwaves A grill microwave is used for cooking foods which could be used for conventional grilling as well as browning some food items. Most of the time these ovens will feature grilling as some mode and it can used for making kebabs parathas and roasts. It comes with various additional tools which allows a consumer to try their hands in cooking some delightful and crispy food. Think of it like a barbeque but in a compact size without the need of charcoals or any other heating items. Check out the range of IFB Grill microwaves and unleash the master chef in you Above-Range Microwaves Also known as Over-the-range microwaves these are essentially meant to be installed over a gas or induction range. These may be standard microwaves or convection microwaves like the countertop configuration. Such microwaves have vent fans and worktop lights. The vent fans either recirculate the hot air or vent the smoke outside the kitchen where as the lights assist in illuminating the work surface.

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Consumers usually buy these microwaves to integrate into a modular kitchen. IFB has a range of Over-The-Range microwaves for your modular kitchen. There are a lot of options for consumers to choose from when it comes to purchasing microwaves for a range of requirements from the everyday heating of food to baking and roasting your favourite dish to integrating into your modular kitchen for a modern look and feel.

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