Preparation Tips for General Knowledge in one week


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Know the preparation tips for general knowledge and prepare well for better marks in competitive exams. Now all competitive exams are asking a topic on general knowledge questions


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Preparation Tips for General Knowledge in one week :

Preparation Tips for General Knowledge in one week

What is General Knowledge:

What is General Knowledge General knowledge  has been defined in differential psychology as "culturally valued knowledge communicated by a range of non-specialist media" and encompassing a wide subject range

Tips for General Knowledge:

Tips for General Knowledge Have a preplan of what you want to study Read Newspaper regularly Follow news channels Use of Internet Sources

Have a preplan of what you want to study :

Have a preplan of what you want to study General knowledge is one section where it consumes more time to study. So pre-plan your time and study it. Having no preplan and studying current affairs will ruin your time and you cant focus on other sections.

Read Newspaper regularly :

Read Newspaper regularly It will be difficult for most of the people to read the newspaper daily. But if you want to score well in competitive exams then you have to start reading the newspaper daily. Have a brief read of the daily newspaper from staring to end. While reading newspaper doesn’t miss any contemporary news such as political crisis, any schemes, any bills that passed in parliament and appointments of various ministers. A suggestion is that don’t read too many newspapers. Follow a particular newspaper like Hindu, Times of India etc.

Follow news channels :

Follow news channels You need to follow the news channel daily. Give yourself a specific time and follow a news channel. My best suggestion is to follow NDTV news. Try to go through the breaking and highlighted news in those news channels and make a note of it.

Use of Internet Sources :

Use of Internet Sources The best way to learn current affairs is the use of internet sources. You can get a lot of information about daily current affairs updates through Google, YouTube and Wikipedia. There are many blogs on current affairs on the internet which will help you in providing more information.


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