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In this presentation you will get to know about the Industrial Menopause and innovation management techniques like online learning programs which are necessary to build business skills.


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The Industrial Menopause and what to do about it

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The Industrial Menopause and what to do about it This presentation is bought to you by InnovationManagement.s e - the world’s leading platform for learning material, best practice and online training to make you more innovative. We are strong believers in treating innovation management as any other management discipline — one that can be learned and used as a sustainable strategy for creating long-term value. We facilitate the collaboration and sharing of knowledge, best practices, tools and related resources among innovation practitioners and professionals aiming to bring the discipline of innovation to their organization. Welcome to visit us for more knowledge and inspiration, to browse our article library and online learning programs .

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Parameter The human world The industrial world Driver for survival & growth Adaption to change Adaption to change Activities for change Sex Brainstorming Common result from activity Only fun Only fun Uncommon result from activity Pregnancy An idea that develops to a breakthrough project First actual delivery A baby A venture Responsible parties The parents The managers Prerequisite to continue Parental love Strategic fit, promising NPV Time after delivery when “baby” is able to stand alone 20-25 years 6-10 years Time after delivery when “parents” lets go of “baby” Never 3-5 years (when climbing the career ladder) Prerequisite for long term survival Shift of generations Renewal, sometimes disruptive, of business Denomination of inability to create long term survival Menopause, infertility Industrial menopause, industrial infertility

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This presentation was created by Bengt Järrehult Bengt Järrehult, PhD, is Director of Innovation and Knowledge Management for SCA Hygiene Products and SCA Packaging. He is also Adjunct Professor in Innovative Packaging Logistics at the University of Lund. Bengt earned his M Sc. in Chemical Engineering in 1976 and later his PhD at Chalmers University of Technology. He has international experience and is frequently lecturing on and boosting innovation implementation both within SCA and at Universities and Industrial Networks.

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