World's LARGEST Collection of Woodworking Plans

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World's LARGEST Collection of Woodworking Plans


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Worlds LARGEST Collection of Woodworking Plans YOU Can Build World Class Projects Without Advanced Skills or Expensive Tools CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Introduction: Ted Mcgrath has dedicated his entire life to the art of woodworking. Though he claims to not have been naturally gifted through many years of experience he has become one of the finest woodworkers in the world. Throughout his many years learning and experimenting he has compiled over 16000 different woodworking plans that he wants to share with you He understands that woodworking can be very daunting or even seem impossible to new comers. In this package however he will guide you through the crafting of enough stellar quality projects to keep woodworkers of any skill level occupied for a lifetime. Mcgrath also understands that many other project outlines require the use of very expensive tools which very few of us have access to. In these projects Ted Mcgrath will show you how to easily construct practically anything you can imagine with only the tools that you already likely have in your home Why Choose Ted Mcgraths Package 1: Ted Mcgrath has a tremendous amount of experience working with outlines that he had purchased or found in magazines. ​These outlines were in fact the very reason that Ted decided to make his own. He found that these outlines were often very confusing assumed that the user had a great deal of skill or required tools which were very unaffordable and very impractical for home use. Sometimes he even found that these outlines were simply wrong. These problems arent existent in Mcgraths guides. The instructions he has laid out are clear and easy to follow even for someone who is just getting started in woodworking. As a matter of fact I have friends who were too clumsy

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to pick up a hammer without hurting themselves who are now using Mcgraths outlines to build things that are better quality than what can be found in stores. 2: Ted Mcgrath knows what its like to struggle to accomplish what you want to. ​ Whether you are a complete beginner or a woodworking expert if you are reading this right now theres a good chance its because there is a specific task or thing that you are trying to build that you are struggling with. Dont worry though this says nothing about your abilities because the outlines you are trying to use are probably just bad or require tools you dont have. Mcgraths grandfather was also a very talented woodworker and Mcgrath aspired to one day be just like him. When he tried to build similar things to his grandfather though he learned quickly that he didnt have the skillset to do so. He nearly gave up conceding that he just didnt have enough natural talent to accomplish what he wanted to. That is until he went to school and learned the skills he was missing. While school was very effective for Ted he shows with this package that its not necessary and is also overly time consuming. Even after going to school it took Ted decades to learn all that he does now. These decades of learning are what he is trying to save you with this package. The package is put together with someone who is not a naturally gifted woodworker in mind. 3: The results are unbelievable ​ and the reception of this package has been second to none. Below are some examples of the work done by the buyer of this package CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE THINGS LIKE THIS

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4: The variety of plans is extremely broad. ​ As you can see in the photos above there are plans included for a great variety of things. There are plans for toys desks chairs tables... Oh yeah and literally everything else you could think of. 5: You get more than just the plans… ​ If you click the link below you will be redirected to a page where you can buy Ted Mcgrath’s woodworking plans for only 67 Included in this package will also be the DWG CAD plan viewer with which you’ll be able to create and modify your own plans You’ll be given access to 150 premium video woodworking lessons. You’ll also be given a book titled ​How to Start a Woodworking Business From Home ​. With this you’ll learn how to make money with your woodworking This package also includes an online resource with over 200 pages where you’ll be taught invaluable woodworking skills. Even more valuable than all of this perhaps you’ll be given a full year of personal instruction from Ted himself. He’ll be there to answer any questions you have about woodworking 24/7 for an entire year. You’ll get everything mentioned here for only 67 ​CLICK HERE TO BUY THE PACKAGE 6: Finally if you weren’t convinced already Ted offers what he calls a 60 day “love it or shove it” policy. If you aren’t happy with the package regardless of the reason you’ll be given a full refund no questions asked. That’s how confident he is that you’ll love what this package has to offer. ​Click the link here ​ the one bellow or any of the others to learn more and to purchase this package. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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