Object Oriented Programming in JAVA

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Lara Technologies are providing Software Training Division, Java/J2ee, Android, Web Services, Logical Coding, Basics Of C Language, Soft Skills, Aptitude, Etc.


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Object Oriented Programming in JAVA:

ANDROID OS O bject O riented P rogramming in JAVA By Lara Technologies

Introduction :

Introduction Welcome to the course O bject O riented P rogramming in JAVA . This course will cover a core set of computer science concepts needed to create a modern software application using Java.

Course Objectives:

Course Objectives On completion of this course we will be able to: Identify the importance of Java . Identify the additional features of Java compared to C++ . Identify the difference between Compiler and Interpreter . Identify the difference between applet and application . Apply O bject O riented P rinciples of E ncapsulations, D ata abstraction, I nheritance, P olymorphism. Program using java API (Application Programming Interface). Program using Exception Handling , Files and Threads . Program Using applets and swings .

Course Syllabus:

Course Syllabus UNIT CONCEPTS to be covered UNIT-I JAVA Basics UNIT-II Inheritance UNIT-III Data structures creation and manipulation in java UNIT-IV Exception Handling UNIT-V GUI Programming With JAVA

Why Java is Important :

Why Java is Important Two reasons : Trouble with C/C++ language is that they are not portable and are not platform independent languages. Emergence of World Wide Web, which demanded portable programs Portability and security necessitated the invention of Java

About Us:

About Us We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a trusted organization in providing Software Training Division.  JAVA/J2EE , ANDROID, WEB SERVICES,  LOGICAL CODING, BASICS OF C LANGUAGE, SOFT SKILLS, APTITUDE etc. located in Bangalore. We have 9 years of experience in training students in Java/J2EE and project driving stream

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Contact Us LARA TECHNOLOGIES # 8,100 feet Road, BTM Layout, 2nd Stage, Near Udipi Garden Signal, Bangalore - 560029, Landmark: Advith Petrol Bunk. Contact : (080)41310124/41680090, (+91)9663646876. Email : [email protected]

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