Easy Steps to Replace Toshiba Laptop Keys

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Want to replace your Toshiba laptop keys by yourself? Take a look at the article and learn simple steps.


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Easy Steps to Replace Toshiba Laptop Keys:

Easy Steps to Replace Toshiba Laptop Keys

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Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational company in Japan. Toshiba is a marketer and manufacturer of electrical device, electronic components & materials, household appliances and internet based services and solutions. Toshiba is offering a range of consumer products and electronic devices such as Toshiba laptops to its customers.

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As everyone knows, laptop keys are often removed for the purpose of cleaning or repairing. Here I'd like to share one thing that replacing only the single key that has been broken or worn out is the best solution instead of replace the whole keyboard.

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In this article, we will discuss about both the replacement and removal of keyboard keys on a Toshiba laptop that is really simple process and doesn’t require any specialized tools .

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The first step that you have to take is to remove the key from the laptop by inserting thin metal equipment under any side of the key and take it away the keyboard. In this process, a knife can be used for it, but using a flathead screwdriver will be better option because it is not too sharp.

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Now you can easily discard the key and replace it with a new one, or you can repair and clean it very easily . After repair or cleaning the key, you can put it back on the laptop. Small plastic components are always used to keep the keys in right position by Toshiba.

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Check the empty slot on the keyboard to ensure the hinges are still in right position or set into the holes where they came out. Now set the key over the slot it came from and press until it lock in the place . At last, switch on your laptop to ensure that the each keyboard key is working properly.

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Now whenever keys create any problem, just remove the key and replace it using these steps. Sometimes the key is completely worn out or broken due to any kind of reason such as spilling the food or liquid and heavy thing on the keyboard, no need to worry.

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