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Add glitter to your desk with crystalline ballpoint pens! Write or else use a smart device in style with this sophisticated & stunning crystalline stylus ballpoint pens specially designed for your loved ones. Buy from Lanier Pens and get attractive offers on your deal.


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Write or else use a smart device in fashion with these sophisticated and stunning stylus crystalline ballpoint pens specially designed for her… Whether in the office or at school stay stylish at work with these stunning stylus crystalline ballpoint pens from Lanier. These pens are very similar to Swarovski crystalline stylus ballpoint pens both pretty and functional and full of sparkly crystals. Chic and Craftsmanship These Crystalline Ballpoint pens spell pure feminine sophistication. The body is filled with radiant crystals. Crystalline stylus ballpoint pens are filled with lab-created crystals and the target audience is women. The shaft is a good quality length for someone with small hands allowing accurate control of writing. Despite all of its feminine charisma the crystalline stylus ballpoint pen by Lanier is impressive enough they would consider writing with it. Add shine to your Desk with Stylus Crystalline ballpoint Pens exclusively from Lanier Pens

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Occurrence and Peculiarity of Crystalline Stylus Ballpoint pens This smooth crystalline stylus ballpoint pen blends functionality with feminine sophistication. The body is filled with sparkling crystals creating splendid light reflections as you write. These pens have a stylus on 1 end and for use with your touch screen devices as well as a traditional ballpoint pen on another end. Simply give the front body section a twist and your pen refill extends and you’re ready to starting writing. It’s ideal for when you are on the go and need to switch between jotting down notes as well as operating your devices. Refill of Crystalline Stylus Ballpoint Pens The Crystalline Stylus Ballpoint pens use Schmidt 635 refills which is just the perfect refill for that pen It is the standard D1 size and is offered in Black Blue Red and Green. These refills are very easy to replace when they run out.

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Want to buy Crystalline Stylus Ballpoint pens and Schmidt 635 refills From Lanier Pens Get-in-touch Lanier Pens P.O Box 5160 Yelm Washington 98597 E-mail- customerservicelanierpens.com mailto:customerservicelanierpens.com Text: 650 438-6660 Mobile- 650 438-6660 Fax- 650 898-1990