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1 Summary 1-Summary 2-Introduction 3 and 4-Star-biscuits recipe 5-Smoked Salmon 6-Foie Gras 7-Oyster 8-Mulled wine 9-Trou normand 10-Yule log

French Christmas Food:

2 French Christmas Food In this diaporama, we present the differents kind of french christmas food. First, we made star-biscuits and we give you the recipe. Secondly, we suggest five dish we eat at Christmas.

Star-Biscuits Recipe:

3 Star-Biscuits Recipe Ingredients : Butter (80g) Sugar (150g) One egg Flavour (220g) Milk (20 cl) Baking powder (A half of sachet) Chocolate (50g) Cocoa (a tablespoon) -Melt the butter, the chocolate,the cocoa and mix -Add the flavour, the sugar and the baking powder .

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4 Add the milk and an egg. Knead the dough. Wrap the dough with plastic and put in the fridge a hour. Roll out the dough and do the form (stars). Put in the oven 15 min and taste !

Smoked Salmon:

5 Smoked Salmon This is an entree who can be eat with lemon or mascarpone.

Foie gras:

6 Foie gras This is a traditional french food who's eat with toasted bread.


7 Oyster This is seafood, it can be eat like an entree or like a main course

Molled wine:

8 Molled wine This is a wine make in Alsace.

Le Trou Normand:

9 Le Trou Normand This is make with calvados and apple (or lemon) ice cream.

Yule log:

10 Yule log This is a dessert was made with chocolate and chestnuts.

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11 Thank's for watching. Lilian, Clément and Vincent.