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Christmas traditions:

Christmas traditions

Advent Calendar :

Advent Calendar The advent calendar is a calendar with compartment. This tradition comes from Germany. Each day, children open one compartment and discover one small present.

Christmas market:

Christmas market Christmas market takes place the last week before Christmas in many cities in France. The most popular is the Christmas market of Strasbourg. T here are many things to buy for Christmas.

Midnight mass:

Midnight mass Christians go to the church at midnight to celebrate the mass. Now it is more celebrated between 6 pm and 9 pm. They mime the Gospel and they build a human crèche.

Christmas Eve:

Ch ri stmas Eve The afternoon of Christmas Eve we prepare the food and the decoration of the table for the dinner. Before going to bed, we put our slipper by the mantelpiece.

Yule log:

Yule log The Yule log is the traditional dessert of Christmas in the francophone states. It’s a dessert with cream and chocolate .

Christmas tree and present :

Christmas tree and present The Christmas tree is often decorated one week before Christmas. It’s decorated with lights, tinsel and bauble.

Santa Claus :

Santa Claus Santa Claus is the mythical old man with a long beard and red clothes. Traditionally, he brings presents to well-behaved children on the 25 th of December. He comes by sledge pulled by reins. He goes through the mantelpiece.

Christmas songs:

Christmas songs There are some Christmas songs for the children like “Petit Papa Noël”.