Final Project English V. Mark Zuckerberg

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University Dr. Rafael Belloso Cha cín Final Project English V “ The fabolous life of Mark Zuckerberg ” Orlando Ortega Adrian Parra M-511 Teacher Doris Molero

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Agenda About Me. Orlando Ortega Unit I. All About me Unit II. Let’s eat . Unit III. Unsolved Mysteries . Personal reflection About Me. Adrian Parra Unit IV. Today’s Trends . Unit V. In the neighborhood . Unit VI. Student Life . Personal reflection Group reflection Final Project “ The fabolous life of Mark Zuckerberg ”

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Final Project About Me. Orlando Ortega I am from Maracaibo I study Mass Comunication School in Urbe I like listen to music and dance I dislike wars and children in the street I dream of being the best TV’s animator. My family is very important in my life My favorite food is pasta I tend to wear a sweater Years old I live in San Jacinto and my neighborhood have a lot grenery At my university I am a member of protocol The mystery of "La Llorona “ I'm afraid

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Final Project Karen is his mother, she's a psychologist Edward is his father, he's a dentist Randi is his sister and at the same time she's the one that commands the Facebook's Marketing Priscilla Chan is his girlfriend, she's study medicine. His family it's very important for him. Unit I. All about Me Mark Zucerberg Mark Zuckerberg was born in Dobbs Ferry, New York on May 14, 1984.

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Final Project Unit II. Let’s eat “The only meat that I eat is the one that I've killed” Pigs Goats Almost a vegetarian Tomatoes Potato Carrot Lettuce His favorite food is the chicken because is really juicy and crispy He is a hunter Hunting animals that are…

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Final Project Kisnnovvo twins said that Mark Zucekerberg stole their idea They went to a judge Their argument and proves weren't good enough to put Zuckerberg as a Criminal ? This problem has not been solved Unit III. Unsolved Mysteries

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Final Project Personal reflection (Orlando Ortega) English is a language that is very important worldwide At this level, I learned new words Use of the Internet facilitates learning Facebook , Blog, Twitter I enjoyed using tools for tasks E N G L I S H V

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Final Project About Me. Adrian Parra I am from Barquisimeto I study Bussines in Urbe I like dance and play football I dislike the injustice I dream of completing my studies and work in PDVSA My family is very important in my life My favorite food is Pabellon I was struck by the mystery "The Silbón " I tend to wear a hat Years old I live in Villa Delicias and my neighborhood is pedestrian friendly At my university I am a member of protocol

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Final Project Facebook Users in Venezuela Unit IV. Today’s Trends 53% 47% Age’s user Facebook Trends in Facebook Ray Ban Glasses Peace sign

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Final Project Unit V. In the Neighborhood Dobbs Ferry is a Villa located in New Yor city . Pedestrian Friendly Very convenient A lot of greenery Don’t have a traffic problem

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Final Project Unit VI. Student life Student life Mark was accepted to Harvard. He was part of Alpha Epilson Pi’s fraternity He will marry with his girlfriend Priscila Chan He going to travel for the world

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Final Project Personal reflection (Adrian Parra) For the first time I liked the English teacher because it's nice and intelligent ENGLISH V I found it interesting because it's fun and dynamic Technological tools have favorable results It is a very interesting way to learn a new language

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Final Project Group reflection

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Final Project