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FULL BODY Health CHECKUP packages

What is a full body checkup?:

What is a full body checkup? A full body checkup ensures that every part of your basic bodily systems is working fine. It can be thought about as a tune-up for the human body in some senses, at the preliminary level.

What are the tests included in Full Body Checkup?:

What are the tests included in Full Body Checkup? Blood Tests Urine Tests and Analysis ECG EYE Tests ENT Dental Exams Ultra sonogram PAP Smear PSA General Consultation

How does one prepare for a full body checkup?:

How does one prepare for a full body checkup ? Preparation for a full body checkup is pretty basic and one need not worry too much about it. It is advised to not eat anything in the morning before giving blood for the blood tests. If people are getting X-rays done, then it is advisable not to wear anything metallic on yourself,  in case you forget to take it off for it may be fatal. People are also required to drink a lot of water before ultrasounds.

What are the benefits of a full body checkup?:

What are the benefits of a full body checkup? The benefits of a full body checkup are obvious. It helps a person maintain their body. In case of family histories of troublesome medical diseases, it also makes a person aware faster of any complications, and helps fight diseases. Thus, it is important to get a medical check-up done once in a while to stay ahead of the curve and combat illness.

What is the cost of a full body checkup?:

What is the cost of a full body checkup ? The Gold Health Check Plan costs INR 1999/- and included the following: CBC (complete blood count) LFT (liver function tests) KFT (kidney function tests) Free thyroid tests Blood sugar fasting HbA1C Lipid profile Electrolytes Vitamin D3 Vitamin B12

About Dr LalChandani Labs:

About Dr LalChandani Labs Dr. A Lalchandani (M.D Pathologist) from Banaras Hindu University holds 32 years of rich experience in the field of pathology Vice president of Indian Association of Blood banks Presented paper on “Artificial Blood” at International Society for Artificial Organs at Rhode Island, USA in June 1997 & on“HIV & HbsAg status in India” at SAAR, West Germany in April 1999. Founded Dr. A Lalchandani Pathology Laboratory in 1986 that has earned a mark of trust and quality from National Accreditation board for testing and calibration Laboratories (NABL). Founded CPC Blood bank since 1987 – one of the first private  blood banks in New Delhi

Contact Dr LalChandani Labs:

Contact Dr LalChandani Labs M-20 , GK -1,  Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi 110048 Phone:  011 49057058, 011 49057059, 9953605505, 8010689689 Hours: Mon-Sat 08 AM – 20:00 PM Sun 08 AM – 14:00 PM

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