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Scientific Reports:

Scientific Reports Ellea Aranas W riting

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R esearch paper is a method of communication, an attempt to tell others about some specific data that you have gathered and what you think those data mean in the context of your research.

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This section describes an organizational structure commonly used to experimental research in many scientific disciplines, the IMRAD format . While all scientific research reports share a common organizational setup, you will find variations within reports. The common structure of the report is to ensure ease of reading.

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Scientific Reports is committed to providing an efficient service for both authors and readers , and exists to facilitate the rapid peer review and publication of research., all papers are rapidly and fairly peer reviewed to ensure they are technically sound.

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The main purpose of scientific report is to communicate the results of your experiments.

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Reports communicate information which has been compiled as a result of research and analysis of data and of issues. Reports can cover a wide range of topics, but usually focus on transmitting information with a clear purpose, to a specific audience. Good reports are documents that are accurate, objective and complete. 

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The scope and style of reports varies widely. It depends on three key factors: the report's intended audience the report's purpose the type of information to be communicated

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Section Scientific method step Introduction States your hypothesis Methods Details how you tested your hypothesis Results Provides raw data collected Discussion Considers whether the data you obtained support the hypothesis The IMRAD format was devised to represent a textual version of the scientific method.


E LEMENTS OF A SCIENTIFIC REPORT Title Abstract Introduction Body Methods Results Discussion Conclusion


Title Concise Informative and Specific Understandable


ABSTRACT Abstracts are a quick way for readers to understand your research project. Thus, readers can assess the relevance of your work to their own simply by reading your abstract. offers a complete but selective summary of most significant ideas and information uses clear, precise wording (increase precision through successive revisions) is a one paragraph summary of the report


Introduction is a brief section designed to inform the reader of the relevance of your research and includes a short history or relevant background that leads to a statement of the problem that is being addressed. focuses on the overall issue , problem, or question that your research addresses.

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Here you provide the context for your paper. Your introduction is your only chance to catch your reader's attention. Here you must make your topic sound so interesting that your reader will want to learn about it.

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defines abbreviations that will be used in the report. defines terms which your reader may not know.


Methods Be precise, complete, and concise Include only relevant information – no unnecessary details, anecdotes, excuses or confessions


D iscussion This section offers your interpretations and conclusions about your findings. Interpret your results Explain key limitations


Body Here you develop a logical sequence of ideas that will lead your reader to an understanding of the points you're trying to make. The Body of your paper must be organized logically, not chronologically. Your paper is not a diary. Its job it to explain your findings, not narrate the sequence of events that led you to them.


Conclusion Here you move your reader's focus outward from the detailed discussion in the Body of your paper. Here you also bring the paper to closure . One of the worst mistakes a writer can make is to end a paper without a conclusion . What you write in your conclusion is what your readers will remember. If you just stop, your readers will remember nothing.

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