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1920’s Trucks : 

1920’s Trucks By: Kyle Williston

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One of the main trucks of the 1920s was the Model TT Ford. This was also one of the first trucks with a closed bed. 1924

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The Ford Model T Runabout was the first “real” Ford pickup truck. These could hold a lot more weight then trucks before it. This truck was introduced first in 1925

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More stylish than the Model Ts they were replaced, the new Ford Model AA trucks came with more standard equipment, a more powerful engine, and an easier-to-use transmission. They became the hit of the 1928 model year.

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The 1922 Chevrolet 490 Touring had a lot of work put into the interior compared to other trucks.

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This is an late 1920s hauling truck caring a boiler

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They had some trucks that they used to transport food and drinks, like the truck below

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