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Challenge 8: Critique a Diet Plan

Philosophy and Claims:

The Jenny Craig diet plan provides prepackaged food to its consumers. Each day a person on the diet eats breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks and even a dessert which makes up for the small portion sizes. The program should teach you how much you should eat, what a balanced meal looks like and how to use your knowledge once you complete the program. The claim: Lose 2 pounds in one week Philosophy and Claims

Health Risks:

No serious risks have surfaced with people who use Jenny Craig People with milk, soy, or wheat allergies can’t sign up because those are ingredients that are used in many Jenny Craig products. Health Risks


It can be expensive but the exact cost differs from city to city. The initial sign-up fee can exceed $400 plus about $100 per week for food. However, if you stay within 5 pounds of you target weight, you will receive half of your initial registration fee. Cost

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