Iced Geneva


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By: priceless (141 month(s) ago)

I have been searching like crazy to find this again! It was emailed to me 5 years ago or so and I lost it when I upgraded my computer. I absolutely love the music and would l be so thankful if I could get this emailed to me again! Can you do that? or at least tell me the composer and name of the composition of the music? Thanks you so very much!

By: ice5 (142 month(s) ago)

I would love to have a copy of this ..It was emailed to me in 2005 .I had a computer crash and lost it.Although the pics are awesome it is the music that isa draw for me.I have been trying to find the choir for some time.....Alice

By: ice5 (142 month(s) ago)

Thanks Peter, [email protected]

By: kybipix (142 month(s) ago)

Hi Ice5 I will search on my computer and i'm sure i'll find it. Please send me your mail adress, Bye, Peter


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This incredible spectacle you are about to see, takes place in Versoix, a town close to Geneva City, Switzerland. The water in the background is the Léman Lake.

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