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Seventeen Pools was established in 2009 by Kurt Witten. Seventeen Pools is dedicated to building efficient, durable and environment-friendly swimming pools and more. The pools come in 3 pre-designed depths and custom depths also available. Seventeen Pools standard container pool sizes are 8 feet wide by 20 Foot, 30 Foot, 40 Foot, and 45 Footlong pools. Every Seventeen Pools contains an energy-efficient heating system equipped to enjoy your pool all year round and everything is controlled by the smartphone. Kurt Witten and his team is considered to provide full customer satisfaction. For more information please contact us.


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Shipping Container Swimming Pool-Proposal 30 x 10 Shipping Container Swimming Pool Thank you for allowing us to provide you with information on our shipping container swimming pools. Seventeen pools has been building a quality product since 2014. ​ We started building in 2014 in Winnipeg we discovered our shipping container swimming pools concept by leaving one of our open-top containers outside in a rainstorm in the late summer of 2014 and returned the next morning and we noticed that we had some water in the container. We then ran with that concept and took it to the next step. 5 years later we have successfully placed our pools into the market. ​Seventeen Pools: Portable Durable Customized - Canadian ... Why most of our customers and any potential customer wanting a shipping container swimming pool is not just because it looks cool but because it has two major factors to it. 1 Price point 2 the fact that it has a portability factor to it so if you ever did move it can come with you.

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Shipping container swimming pools typically can come in three different lengths: 20 foot 30 foot and 40-foot lengths. Yes we can also customize the pool sizes if the customer requests. Our pools can be above ground or below ground. If the pool goes below ground it is then recommended that the mechanical room then be built as a treasure hatch door instead of using conventional container doors for opening and closing. The pools typically have a maximum height of 8 feet deep for safety reasons and we try not to exceed that height if the pool is above ground. If the pool is below ground we can build beyond the 8 feet. The interior of the pools does not necessarily need to have the corrugated look of a typical container we can also have the interior walls of the pool to be flat so it looks like a traditional pool interior. Every one of our pools comes with a set of engineered blueprints/ drawings. The customer will give us an idea of what they are looking for in a container pool and we draw to spec. Once the pool is designed the way the customer would like to see it than our engineer will stamp the drawings and the customer receives a set of drawings for reference and confirmation.

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Here is an example of what one of our inground pools would look like with the dimension that the customer is looking for. This is above ground but it shows the width of an inground. Shipping container swimming pools are starting to replace the traditional inground pool due to the major construction that is needed for a traditional in-ground pool nowadays with a shipping container swimming pool it’s a very basic set up and less intrusive on your backyard.

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We can design the inside of the pool to meet various requests for easy in and out access. In this pool we have designed the stairs so that its an easy transition in and out of the pool. This pool is just finishing construction and wanted to show what can be done. We can build lights and jets into the stair platforms themselves. All of our pools can be combined with a hot tub and pool feature this way you would have a half pool and hot tub.

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Our pools come with these basic features: Customer request additional features with our product guide Enclosed mechanical room which includes: 1 .Heater 2. Chlorinator 3. Filter 4. Breaker Box 5. Sand Filter This makes the mechanical room a fully turnkey operation so when the customer receives the pool all they need to do is install the pool…. plug fill and play All of our pools are equipped to heat up to 104f and are pools are also set up to be controlled via your cell phone so that you can automate your pools such as jets lights and pool cover. Seventeen Pools has some ​great upgrades ​ here is a shortlist of what you can have additionally: 1 Electric Pool Cover 2 LED Light Package 3 4x8 Window or a 4x10 Window 4 Interior Stairs 5 Exterior Stairs 6 Custom Colours Exterior of pool 7 Double Window one on each side of the pool 8 Swim Jets counter currents 9 Manual Pool Covers 10 Half pool and half spa with divider wall

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Our showcase pool: Part of our proposal is to build a showcase pool for your customer at a reduced cost to show and implement how the shipping container swimming pools far exceed anyone’s expectations. The ideal pool would be a 30x10 shipping container pool which will have the following: ● LED Lights ● Stairs and or benches in the pool ● Treasure chest hatch for the mechanical room ● Fully turnkey mechanical room ● Chlorine pool ● Pricing ● FInished deck over the mechanical room ● Pool remote access via cell phone ● Jets Typically the cost on a 30 x 10 shipping container swimming pool will really decide when you start picking your options but the basic starting package of a shipping container pool at this customized size will be in the area of ​37-41000 CAD ​. This price will not yet include a crane to drop the pool into position in your yard but this price will include shipping to your hometown. Warranty Our pools have a 5-year warranty from in to out and front to back. Delivery Time The delivery time of our shipping container pools is typically 3-4 months from the time of order. During the ordering the customer will sign a working contract with us and provide a non-refundable deposit We thank you for your time and do hope to work with you. Seventeen Pools