The Great War

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An Interactive PowerPoint presentation on the causes of World War I


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The Great War : 

A Summary of the First World War By Patrick Kuptz ED 205 – Section 02 The Great War End Show

Main Page : 

The Main Players Austria-Hungary Britain France Germany Russia Author’s Page Video on The War Resources Page Main Page ( End Show

Austria-Hungary : 

Why they went to war… To crush the Pan-Serb movement To dominate the Balkans by crushing Serbia To secure Austrian control of the route to Salonika on the Aegean Move on to the Next Page to see her advantages and disadvantages in fighting the war Austria-Hungary End Show (Click to Expand)

Austria-Hungary : 

Main Advantages: Germanic and Magyar backgrounds gained them support from their main ally, Germany. Offensive fighting spirit Conscious of the need to defend long frontier Main Disadvantages: Weakened by multi-racial structure Army possessed only obsolescent equipment Austria-Hungary End Show

Austro-Hungarian Map : 

Austro-Hungarian Map Back

Britain : 

Britain Why they went to war… Honor treaty obligations to Belgium dating back to 1839 To preserve its naval supremacy To support France under a naval agreement To avoid a continental shift in the balance of power End Show (click to expand)

Britain : 

Main Advantages: Strong Navy Army well-versed in guerilla warfare tactics ‘Untapped’ Empire - potential call up of millions of fighting men Main Disadvantages: Essentially only a sea power ‘Amateur’ army – reliance on cavalry and rifle techniques Britain End Show

Map of the British Empire : 

Map of the British Empire Back

France : 

Why they went to war… To combat the growing military importance of Germany To fulfill treaty obligations to Russia To regain Alsace and Lorraine France End Show

France : 

France Main Advantage: Possessed the best artillery gun in the world: the 75mm Main Disadvantages: Suffered from a smaller population than Germany Expected a short war Relied on out-of-date forts End Show

Germany : 

Why they went to war… To protect Austria-Hungary from the consequences of her attack on Serbia To preserve German security – the Kaiser feared encirclement from the Triple Entente To demonstrate Germany’s rise to world power status To gain advantage from a surprise attack Thought Britain was preoccupied with Ireland and India Skeptical of Britain’s commitment to Belgium Germany End Show

Germany : 

Main advantages: The sole European nation to appreciate mortars, howitzers, and machine guns Appreciated the use of an efficient railway system to switch troops between fronts in the event of a two-front war Army commanders had the foresight to back up front line corps with reserves Active in scientific research Germany End Show

Russia : 

Why they went to war… To ensure Serbia was not crushed by Austria-Hungary To dominate the Balkans To strengthen the position of the Tsar at home Russia End Show

Russia : 

Main Advantage: Overwhelming potential manpower Main Disadvantages: Suffered from weak communications network and manufacturing base Poorly led Geographically isolated from allies Forced to fight two front war against Germany and Austria-Hungary Russia End Show

The Author : 

My name is Patrick Kuptz and I am a student at Grand Valley State University studying for my bachelor’s degree in History with a Secondary Education Certification. I am significantly interested in both World Wars along with the technology and military strategies resulting from this universal struggle. Upon graduation, I hope to teach high school level history classes. I designed this presentation as a means for students to review the main points for the beginning of World War One The Author End Show If you have any questions concerning this interactive PowerPoint, feel free to send me an e-mail.

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